The eyebrows They are a fundamental part of the face, they give life, color and mark people’s eyes, for this it is important to know where to do the eyebrows in Seville, that are well waxed, pigmented, with a good shape and beautiful.

Therefore, the most ideal thing is that you go to a good specialist in eyebrows so that you make all the requirements properly. If you are in Seville, you can visit one of these places.

eyebrows in Seville

In Seville, Spain, there are many specialist centers in design, pigmentation and microblading. Even if you shave your eyebrow, it grows back with these innovative treatments.

Here we have gathered the best places one hundred percent recommended to make you some eyebrows perfect.

Mírame, lashes and brows

Mírame is the leading company of extensions designers of eyebrows and eyelashes in Seville. We also offer hair-to-hair extensions and hair treatments. eyebrows semi-permanent, such as eyebrows from celebrities, as well as eyelash extensions, tints and curlers.

They are located at Calle Alfonso XII, 36, 41002, in Seville, near the Plaza del Duque Bus Stop. You can call the contact numbers to schedule an appointment at 854 80 76 26/675 558 191 or write to the email

The design of eyebrows includes a consultation based on the shape of the face and the wishes of the client.

Having agreed on the design, we apply the shadows and finally define the eyebrow design using the necessary techniques for it (waxing, color bath and / smoothing).

This look of eyebrows it is temporary and if the client wants to keep it for a longer period, it will be necessary to keep it with stencils, shadows and brushes, and it can be kept at home a few weeks before the next visit.

The eyebrows with thread is a design of eyebrows Recommended for regular customers who have combed eyebrows here.

The purpose of this treatment is to maintain the shape of the design of the eyebrows using fiber technology. We finish with tweezers and only when necessary we cut the excess hair.

Vanesa Rivas

In this place a semi-permanent makeup treatment is carried out that can be used by both men and women, regardless of their age, ethnicity or skin type.

This innovative beauty treatment will allow you to achieve eyebrows perfect through a semi-permanent makeup technique that is done with the hair using a lock to give your eyebrows a natural finish.

Carrasco Clinic

At the Carrasco Clinic in Seville they know that hair loss in the eyebrows it worries its patients because it is an important and relevant area of ​​facial aesthetics.

Therefore, they have specialized experts in the treatment of micropigmentation and microblading. In this beauty center we can cover your eyebrows, improve your contours and make your features more attractive.

They are located on Avenida de Grecia, 35 (Esquina Avda. Alemania) in Seville, Spain. To go to this place you must have a previous appointment, which you can request through this email