Are you in Seville and want to have a highly aesthetic manicure treatment? We invite you to join us. Today we want to take advantage of this publication to investigate here, and there, until finally finding the best centers where to do the manicure in Seville. Do you want to change professionals? This article is for you. It looks good and aesthetically wonderful.

Where to get a manicure in Seville?

Seville, as with other activities and disciplines, is an excellent place commercially speaking. Since we find what we want without complications. In the case of manicure centers, or traditional beauty salons, it is no exception. But, with so many alternatives, which one do we recommend? Let’s see.

Cocco Lounge

This is a manicure center very popular on Calle Virgen, where it is located. If you do not find the place, you can guide yourself by the approaches of the Carriage Museum, in Seville. The most interesting thing, visually speaking, is that it exudes a vintage style, trapped in old decorations of traditional beauty centers. Thanks to the combination of shades.

On the other hand, and because of what many recommend it, it is because of the services they normally offer. As is the case with Spa, for those who wish to relax. Also manicure with enamel of all kinds of colors and combinations, such as semi-permanent enamel. The treatment is pleasant, personalized and professional.

Aguapanela Beauty Boutique

If there is something to highlight about this beauty salon, is that the products are totally organic. That is, they are made by hand from natural, ecological ingredients and without having been tested on animals. Also that they offer a healthy development. In fact, their slogan is to put customer safety first. You can find it on Justino Matute street, specifically on number 9. The treatment is pleasant, adapted to the needs of consumers of beauty treatments. Increasing visual and aesthetic preferences.


If you are tired of waiting in a beauty center for that personalized manicure, then we recommend this salon. Which is, curiously, huge. It has a set of furniture, such as chairs and tables, and state-of-the-art tools. In addition, it should be noted that the colors used express harmony, so that you feel comfortable in the hands of specialists.

It is located on Avenida Flota de Indias 22, a well-known location in Seville. The gallery of workers is one of the most remarkable, experienced and pleasant, in all of Spain.

Elena Sotillo Aesthetic Center

If you are on Avenida Andalucía 17, we recommend that you personalize yourself aesthetically in this beauty center under the command of a specialist. Elena Sotillo, an old acquaintance of Seville in terms of aesthetic personalities, such as manicures, has created an excellent business for years, where the well-being and needs of clients become reality.

Among its services, in addition to manicures, we find: waxing, skin treatments, makeup and facial maintenance. Something surprising. It is not necessary that you go to the center, on its own personalized website, you will find both the time and the fees required for treatments.