Have you ever wondered where to eat in Seville? You’re in the right place. The capital of Andalusia has been characterized historically by a versatility of dining delicious and cheap. With different establishments that offer the best possible service.

However, doing a quick search on the web you will notice that there are so many options that, in the end, choosing a single can be a headache. Much more if it is your first time in the city, where everything is unknown. The best way to address the objectives gastronomic is focusing on the key points of Seville.

Against this context, we decided to create an article talking about where to eat in Seville, taking the opportunity to recommend several popular restaurants in the city and the best andalusian dishes available. Pay attention because this information will help you to form a matrix of opinion at the time of organising a trip to Seville.

About Seville and the gastronomy

In general terms, Seville is a city full that covers the basic needs of entertainment. It is normal to see elegant restaurants, cafes and even establishments that take as a notion of a specific element, such as Arabic food, or chinese food.

This is due in large part to the various occupations which occurred in an andalusian village, where there are still the marks of the culture which settled in the beautiful town we now know as Seville. Coexisting neighborhoods exclusively arab and muslim monuments.

what to eat in Seville

Everything recounted in this section gives way to Seville gastronomically versatile. Offering a line of products that you hardly find in other places of the world. Some with thematic, local, other traditional, and even restaurants with a decor of esotericism.

Where to eat in seville

Where to eat in Seville?

Having pointed out the versatility of gastronomic and their reasons, it is time to recommend you the best places to eat in Seville covering basic themes that will ignite your taste buds. Let’s see what they are.


The typical food of Seville are the delicious tapas and, although many restaurants specialize in this type of dish, few are able to provide the quality of Slavic. Located near the Basilica of Jesus del Gran poder, this bustling establishment has an interesting menu for the palate. Including the acclaimed pork ribs and biscuits.


If you want to eat in a modern place, with an attractive aesthetics and a full menu when it comes to food, Seville, this is definitely a good option. An excellent alternative to the bars that serve tapas, located at calle Arjona and works both for lunch, as for a chat with a dessert of through.


Have you ever spent a day discovering the best places for sightseeing in Seville and now you want to cool off with an ice cream? The summer evenings in the andalusian capital of seville may be aggressive, so I recommend you visit Freskura and take advantage of the versatility of flavors and ask for a great ice cream. The company is located at calle Vulcano, ready to receive combinations of amazing flavors.

El Rinconcillo

Located on the Calle Gerona, el Rinconcillo is a peculiar one, with an antique aesthetic that creates a feeling poignant. Especially for those lovers of the vintage ornaments in shades of creams that look good. This restaurant is an old acquaintance of the city, since it was opened in the year 1670, and since then has been offering delicious tapas, beers and quality wine to tourists and citizens.

where to eat in Seville

Oveja Negra

If you find yourself near the Cathedral of Seville, looking for a space in this restaurant to enjoy a lunch outdoors. It is considered as one of the best establishments, and not just for its decor well-crafted that offers an air of freshness ideal to relax for a while with friends through a chat. In the menu you’ll find various traditional recipes, typical and foreign.

Where to eat in seville

Taberna Panduro

At this tavern you can find it in the Baños Street of Seville, located specifically in the neighborhood of Alameda. It is a place that represents everything that you would expect from a Spanish restaurant, complemented with a menu specializing in salads, as that is prepared with tuna and potatoes. According to the opinion of the users, the recipes have good image only when compared to their great taste, where you will find dishes with ingredients such as: egg, goose, ham, squid, and others. —> https://www.instagram.com/panduroba/?hl=en

Café Doña Carmen

Located in the Calle San Eloy, this great café is open from early in the morning to offer the best breakfasts in Seville customers that opt for a specialized menu in enriching the taste buds in the morning. Their star dish without any doubt, they are the churros fresh, who can get it in various presentations, such as thick and corrugated. Accompanied by coffee, chocolate, or mashed potatoes.

La Linterna Ciega

La Linterna Ciega is a popular of Seville that, if you take a look on their account of Instagram, you will understand the reason behind their good reviews. And is that they have a cuisine of the most attractive, with combinations that fall in love with the taste of the people. Located in the street of Regina, specializing in tapas fused with other foods. In addition to the above, are positioned as a good place to hang out, grab a beer with friends and have good talks.


And since we are speaking of tapas, how could it be less in the capital of Andalusia, it is time to mention one of the tapas bars most popular of all the city: Castizo. This establishment tends to generate conversation due to a high quality service, with a special stove and a friendly environment. Tell the visitors that, even beyond the food, the most attractive thing is to listen to flamenco, one of the chefs in real time.

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Finally we conclude with another well known restaurant in Seville by offer tapas. However, these are not any type of tops, but a special, different and creative, that you will awaken the curiosity to see the amount of possible combinations. They are also famous for prepare a delicious beet salad and other typical dishes of seville that warrant a second visit.