When we go to the workshop or go to a car parts store where we buy parts for our vehicle, we have the option of buying original car parts, or opting for a lower quality part.

There is a third option that we should not choose in any case: pirate spare parts. These replacements can cause confusion. In addition to doubts about what type of spare part is best for our car. What leads to mounting one or another type of piece.

A large part of the components of a car are not made by the vehicle manufacturer, but by other companies.
The manufacturer of the spare parts follows the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. This is in charge of mounting them on the vehicle, throughout the assembly process.

In Seville you will find the best spare parts stores, where you can get the best parts for your vehicle. In this article we show you the difference between original spare parts, of equivalent quality and pirates.

What is an OEM or original replacement?

An original replacement component is one that is manufactured according to the specifications and manufacturing standards established by the vehicle manufacturer.
The car parts used in the assembly process are original. They are produced by the original vehicle manufacturer, or by a reconditioning manufacturer.

The term “OEM” is used not only in car conversions, but also in many other fields. It actually stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” which is a portmanteau of the terms “original equipment manufacturer” and “original equipment manufacturer.”

What are ‘equivalent quality’ parts?

An equivalent quality replacement is a component that has not been manufactured to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and production standards. However, its manufacturer certifies that the component is suitable to replace the original car parts, and meets all the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

What are pirated car parts?

The pirate car part is a counterfeit car part that imitates the original, without taking into account the direct recommendations of the manufacturer. It also does not meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

It is more common than users realize, as they frequently make these types of unauthorized exchanges without even knowing.

Where to buy car parts in Seville?

Lobo spare parts (Recambios Lobo)

Recambios Lobo car parts store is also distinguished by the accessories that they offer to their customers.
With more than 50 years of experience, they continue to offer the best advice and products for their clients.

Car spare parts Hispalis (Recambios Hispalis)

This family business is a car parts store (https://www.autorecambioshispalis.es/), it provides all the necessary advice when purchasing a car product. Professionalism and excellent management is what characterizes them.

Spare parts Seville (Recambios Sevilla)

(https://recambiossevilla.es/) This car parts company has been in the market for 25 years, dealing with car parts. These products are sourced directly from the manufacturers. In this way they can guarantee quality and price to all their customers.