As Mushrooms of Seville are known structures in the shape of pergolas, concrete and wood located in the Plaza de la Encarnación. Originally known as project Metropol Parasol, account with a size of 26 meters high, 70 meters wide and 150 meters long.

The predominant material of the work is the wood laminated; the Mushrooms of Seville have a form of hood, and are supported by 6 pillars covering both the Plaza Mayor as already mentioned Plaza de la Encarnación.

The architectural set offers a striking appearance of wave motion, and although in principle its design he wanted to draw on to the vaults of the Cathedral of Seville very soon the witty seville the, renamed with the affectionate name of “Las Setas”.

Who is the architect of the Mushrooms of Seville

The Town hall of Seville convened a public contest to undertake a rehabilitation of the plaza where they are currently located the Mushrooms of Seville. The design that resulted winner was German architect Jürgen Mayer.

For your avant-garde design and your excellent touristic function, the square of the Mushrooms of Seville it has become one of the most iconic corners of the city, receiving annually a growing number of visitors.

His prestige at the european level is such that in the year 2013 the Mushrooms of the Square Encarnacion in Seville they were among the 5 finalists of the great Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van de Rohe, which is presented more than 300 projects.

The works of the Mushrooms of Seville got its start in the year 2005. Various delays, setbacks and controversies came to triple the cost initially planned, that came eventually to reach the stratospheric figure of 100 million euros.

Overcoming all the difficulties, the Mushrooms of Seville were finally opened in march 2011a great success from the first moment, and with a number of annual visits that exceeds one million.

How to climb to the Mushrooms of Seville

Although they tend to form queues important, the organization of the lockers it is very efficient and it all goes fairly quickly.

There are two lifts that carry over from continuous to the visitors by the different levels of the Mushrooms of Seville.

There are 5 levels that you’ll find:

  • First level: in which is located the Archaeological Museum or Antiquarium, the Official Store Mushrooms of Seville and a point on the municipal Tourist Information.
  • Second level: in which is the market and numerous restaurants and bars.
  • Third level: a kind of square high in which are located the 6 iconic shades.
  • Fourth level: with an area of events of about 500 square meters and a small bar. It is the area from which to pull out all the visits to the gateways.
  • Fifth level: here is where is located the popular viewpoint of the Mushrooms of Seville, from which you get stunning views of the city.

Entries and schedules from the Mushrooms of Seville

The only day that the Mushrooms of Seville are not open to the public are Monday, starting their schedule the rest of the week to the 9:30 in the morning. The closing time is the 23:00 hours except Friday and Saturday that is delayed until the 23:30 hours.

The individual entry is of 3 euros except for the born or resident in Seville that have free pass.

You should take care to carry loose money, because no credit cards accepted as payment.

The Mushrooms of Seville they are one of the major points of tourist interest of a city not only saves the treasures of its long history, but that each day is renewed to increase, if possible, all of its special charm.