Whether you are a native or a foreigner, the enjoyment of a prestigious city like Seville ranges from its history, gastronomy and culture to the most common, often located in places that are also history, culture and gastronomy. Ergo, the fusion of the good by and for all exists in the commercial centers there are in Seville and to orient the tourist and toast by the pride of the Sevillians, we will comment some of those commercial centers there are in Seville so that they enter its tour.

Shopping Center Lagoh Seville

You can find it at Avenida de Palmas Altas, 1, 41012 is one of the most appreciated shopping centers in Seville, with working hours from Monday to Monday from 9:00 to 18:00. It is a very complete shopping center, elegant, spacious, comforting in its environments even when there are many visitors.

There you can find the best national and international stores that offer outlets, shoes, bags, ties, underwear, technology, books and much more. Restaurants varied from fast food, international and traditional. A multiplex cinema and several places for child care and/or recreation. It is designed for family enjoyment.

Its design is considered innovative and refreshing to the commercial area where it is located. It uses sustainable energy and state of the art technology, which makes it a green ecological wave. It has a unique plant cover and an artificial lake of 6000 square meters.

The backing of more than 200 stores makes it one of the most profitable shopping centers in Seville, its family approach makes it more attractive.


Nervión Plaza, the most peculiar of the shopping centers there are in Seville

It is identified as a complex made up of several floors in which there is a large number of stores and restaurants with a high level of receptivity among users, which makes it less loyal and therefore profitable. In addition, its cinema is one of the busiest among all the shopping centers in Seville, which many people identify as an ideal environment for watching movies.

Of all the shopping centers in Seville, this is the one that has more reasons to boast about its structure designed by Argentine architect César Pelli and taken to the format of a shopping center by the architectural group Broadway Malyan. In it you can find the harmony of the fusion of the tacit power of the traditional Sevillian streets and the modernity of the city.

It is integrated by two large buildings in an area that exceeds 45,000 square meters. Its surroundings are adapted to the green wave by being intelligently surrounded by vegetation.

For tourists and locals it is a place of meeting, recreation, culture and much relaxation. It is designed for family enjoyment in an environment that is not only commercial but also intended for interactive teaching.

Its strengths are also its food sites where there are fusions between traditional foods of Seville and the country and tastes for international or fast food. It has a supermarket and a children’s playground. Its location makes it very accessible and therefore, for those who have stores, it is highly profitable.

centros comerciales hay en SevillaShopping centers in Seville with history. The Plaza de Armas Shopping Center is an example

The old Cordoba Train Station ceased to function as such in 1992 and since 1999 it has been a very elegant shopping center, a sign of the recovery of the spaces without forgetting its origins by preserving the integrity of the building that dates from the end of the 19th century.

The Plaza de Armas bus station is located next to it, which makes it ideal for people on foot to visit this as many other shopping centers in Seville. Visitors from other towns arrive daily, which has made it an obligatory stop and a very profitable one.

Stores and places of food of all nature are conjugated to give good prices, feeding of quality and rest to the Sevillian like to those who border or international tourists. It opens from Monday to Monday in schedule of 8:00 to the 18:00.

Did you know that there are shopping centers in Seville with air transport nearby?

Yes, the Factory Sevilla Airport shows that in the commercial centers there are in Seville opportunity to the tourist, own and business in the most strategic points of this Spanish territorial jewel.

The Factory Sevilla Airport is open from Monday to Monday from 8:00 to 18:00 all year round (except by mandate of the Community). There are located the most high society stores in the world but with the prices that everyone can reach. It is a unique shopping plaza for this reason.

The right address for this major shopping center, with food, stores, banks and resting places for the traveler is next to the airport of Seville in the Polígono Industrial Los Espartales. You can get there by taking exit 528 of the Autovía del Sur (A-4).

Libélula Shop Galería Sevilla

Fashion, decoration, art have Libelula Shop Galería Sevilla as the total meeting place. It is considered the most artistic of the shopping centers in Seville because it is a palace that was remodeled for commerce. Its pleasant and traditional architecture, using natural light and old and modern ventilation make it a comfortable place for bohemians, café concert, free theater and sales, among others. It is located in C/ Cuna 45-49 in Seville.

Nervión Plaza, el más peculiar de los centros comerciales hay en Sevilla Se identifica como un complejo constituido por varias plantas en las que se encuentra un gran número de tiendas y restaurantes con gran receptividad nivelada entre los usuarios, lo que lo hace competitivo peor leal y por ende, rentable. Además su cine es uno de los más concurridos entre todos los centros comerciales hay en Sevilla por algo que muchos coinciden a identificar como un ambiente ideal para ver películas. Se encuentra en la Calle Luis de Morales, 3, 41005 y trabaja de 10 a las 18:00 de lunes a lunes. Por razones de estrategia de Marketing que pueden leer en varias redes sociales con el hashtag #NervionPlaza, la misma tiene la peculiaridad de ser entre los centros comerciales hay en Sevilla un sitio que está por encima de ser centro comercial, sino un sitio donde hacer vida social, compras y disfrute con full buena vibra. Fácil llegada al mismo en transporte público (esto es muy ventajoso para visitantes como para quienes deseen abrir su propio negocio en el lugar). Sus decoraciones en navidad son de las más admiradas en cada Navidad.Other excellent shopping centers in Seville

You can get information on Google Maps about them so that they can also be part of your tours when you have finished the previous ones. They are chain stores that also serve as shopping centers due to their spaces and quality. In Seville everything is good with excellent prices, great taste and loving attention.