Over the years Seville has served as a movie set, but you probably didn’t know that Game of Thrones was filmed in Seville, so in this article we want to talk to you about the different settings that have been recreated using the landscapes and places that Seville has to offer us.

Currently we can find a large number of pages to watch movies and series, so if you have not yet seen Game of Thrones, you really do not have a good reason not to enter one of these pages and start enjoying this acclaimed series of HBO.

In this way, if you are wondering if Game of Thrones was shot in Seville, the answer is that many of its scenes and locations were in Seville

The truth is that many of the fans of this series are interested in knowing some of the locations in which the series was recorded, which is why in this article we want to share with you a list of the most striking places in the series that were filmed in Seville.

In this way, if you are wondering if Game of Thrones was shot in Seville, the answer is that many of its scenes and locations were in Seville, as we will see later:

The Reales Alcázares, The Water Gardens of Dome

In the case of the Reales Alcázares, we can say that it was the place chosen by the team of the Game of Thrones series to be able to give life to the place of The Water Gardens of Dorne, which is the residential place of the Martell family. In this place we find some of the oldest palaces in the world, which have a medieval and Mudejar character, which became the kingdom of Dorne for some time.

In the halls of Real Alcázar we will find the interior of the Water Gardens. Many of the scenes were shot in this palace. In the Grotesque Gallery, in the Mercury Pond, the scene was shot in which Oberyn Martell’s lover watches with Doren Martell as Myrcella Lannister walks through the Garden of Dance with her fiancé, Trystane Martell.

Las Atarazanas de Sevilla, the dungeons of the Red Fortress in King’s Landing

In the neighborhood of Arenal we find the Atarazanas, which were the old shipyards where the galleys were built. This was built in the year 1252 by King Alfonso X. During November 2016, the Atarazanas became the dungeons of the Red Fortress of King’s Landing.

Being the place where the skeletons of the dragons are kept, being the place where Qyburn shows Cerseri her secret weapon.

Itálica Amphitheater, Dragon Well in King’s Landing

If we travel to Santiponce and we visit the archaeological complex of the ancient city of Itálica, we will find the scene where the Dragon Well was created, which was the place where one of the most important scenes of the seventh season takes place, where the characters meet in order to reach a truce.

As you can see, Game of Tones was shot in Seville, or at least some of the scenes in the series.