December 6 and 8 are holidays in Spain, we celebrate a religious holiday and a civil holiday. On the one hand, the 6th is a holiday because of the feast of the Virgin of the Immaculate, and the 8th because of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, which ended the political period of the dictatorship and began the democracy that we now enjoy.

Torre del Oro Seville these two holidays are so close to each other, it is a very popular holiday period for Spaniards to travel and get to know other cities and countries. Furthermore, the proximity to the Christmas period makes the streets a perfect setting to enjoy the city.

They are previous days to Christmas, in which the city and enjoy the typical light of these dates streets and shops, settling shows markets and holiday attractions in landmarks of the historic center: Plaza de San Francisco, Puerta Jerez, Alameda Hercules, mushrooms or Prado of San Sebastián.

The city is dumped to decorate and illuminate the main shopping streets, offering street shows for the enjoyment of the Sevillian and tourists. In some groups find campanilleros corners singing Christmas carols typical Andalusian, tunas, Cádiz Carnival sets and different musicians with small street shows.Plaza Espana Seville

Shopping in Seville early December

We visit with the traditional trade in the city center, the Fair of the old book and trucks in Plaza Nueva, Christmas Market at Sevilla Nervión Plaza Market on the street Luis de Morales, and Sunday the different markets, emphasizing the numismatic market, fossils and antiques in the Plaza del Cabildo, opposite the Cathedral, the market of Art in Triana by the river Paseo of O, and objects of art in the Museum square.

On Thursdays antique market at Feria Street takes place. We recommend you visit the historic center with its splendid commercial offer, especially Tetuan, Velazquez, O’donnell, Puente and Pellón, Sierpes and surrounding streets.Giralda Tower Seville

You can also visit the Bethlehem Fair, the most important of Spain, installed next to the Archive of the Indies and the Cathedral. Here we find the typical portals, figures, all kinds of accessories, books, candy, etc. A great chance to take a precious memory of Christmas Spanish.

Sweets of convents in Seville

17 convents of Seville sell traditional sweets handmade by the nuns themselves during the first half of December at the Palacio Alcázar de Sevilla Gothic Delreal.

An appointment with delight so successful that soon exhausted.

Shows and performances

They are also scheduled in different places of the city, numerous musical shows, concerts, theater, flamenco and exhibitions, etc. Fibes Auditorium in popular shows include the current singers and the Maestranza theater, musical and lyrical performances.Cathedral Seville

Belenes circuit

Nativity scenes in Seville are already underway and are numerous, which we can visit in the city, ideal if you travel with children. They are located in many churches and convents parishes, especially those residing in the brotherhoods, joins them those by other associations, and shopping centers. They are usually well marked on the street.

The origins of the Constitution Party

Constitution of 1978 is celebrated the delivery of the Plaza de España Awards in the delegation of the government in Andalusia, Plaza de España North Tower. Act restricted by invitation.

On the banks of this square, you can visit the tile Cadiz province, commemorating the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812.Cathedral Seville

Visit El Alcázar de Sevilla, which was during the French invasion, seat of the Supreme Board of Government of Spain and the Indies, the Legislative Commission worked on a draft constitution which will then be approved in 1812 by the Cortes of Cadiz.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

This feast day is December 8 held in Seville, being considered officially Mariana city and the land of Mary the Virgin Mary.

Murillo, Seville painter, was the one who made the best known representations of the Immaculate, we can see at the Museum of the Fine Arts, opened these days.Cathedral Seville

On the other hand, Martinez Montañez is the author of the prodigious image popularly known as the “blind girl”, named after having his eyes narrowed, now venerated in the Cathedral. Overall in Seville these days many religious and cultural events that have as protagonist the Blessed Virgin Mary are celebrated.

Cathedral in the morning there solemn Mass and procession Tercia, with all the municipal corporation. In the afternoon we celebrate the octave of the Immaculate Conception and her dance “Sixes” typical custom of the city, in honor of the Immaculate Virgin. The eighth lasts 8 days after the feast of the Immaculate Conception.