‘All Saints’, the “Day of the Dead” or simply on November 1st, is a great time to come to Sevilla. Is an ideal time to explore the city, see monuments, bicycle use for its very comprehensive network of bike path, navigate the river in the typical tourist cruise or close to the new Aquarium las Delicias.

It’s a perfect time, for example, to walk through the Maria Luisa Park and enjoy watching the autumn leaves falling trees. These days numerous cultural events are scheduled at different venues in the city and settle increasingly celebrations “Halloween Night”, with many people dressed down the street that meets in different nightclubs or park Isla Magica, which usually organizes a special and themed evening.

Visit Seville in November, the Celebration of the Dead
Cementerio de Sevilla
Reportaje en el d¿a de los difuntos con la leyenda de Don Juan Tenorio Sevilla

Days of Don Juan Tenorio

“Don Juan Tenorio” is a play that talks about romantic love, and is very popular in Spain because it is only performed during the month of November.

These days are conducive to travel the route of Don Juan Tenorio, visiting the Inn of Laurel, located in the district of Santa Cruz (Plaza de los Venerables), which is the tavern where Don Juan and Don Luis had agreed to meet after a year after your bet. Today has been converted into Hotel Restaurant.

Interesting is also the monastery of San Clemente, at Santa Clara (San Lorenzo), of the same type as the convent of the nearby Calatrava street of the Order of Calatrava, of the same name, of which the former church is now without religious uses of Nª Srª of Bethlehem, in this convent Don Juan stole the novice Doña Ines de Ulloa and in reads the letter from Don Juan and faints at the sight of it.

Visit Seville in November, the Celebration of the Dead

To visit the Convent of San Clemente, it is recommended to approach Sunday morning Mass at 10,00h. or working at 8:45 a.m. Do not you also miss some of the varied theatrical performances that remind, there is something for all tastes and budgets. Also remember Miguel de Manara, Seville nobleman who according to legend inspired the myth of Don Juan.

This character devoted his life to the service of the poor and building the church hospital “de la Caridad,” one of the most interesting monuments of Seville and where we can see paintings by Murillo, Valdes Leal and others. Su Casa Palacio can visit Levíes street from the San Bartolomé, now the headquarters of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía.

Visit Seville in November, the Celebration of the Dead

Visit to San Fernando Cemetery of Seville

Day two of “difuntos” can come to the city cemetery, visited by thousands of locals to decorate the graves of their loved ones. There we can admire tombs and mausoleums of famous figures such as Joselito “el Gallo” work of the sculptor Mariano Benlliure, representing the burial of the bullfighter, the Crucified Christ of the Honeys, sculpture and tomb of sculptor Antonio Susillo, and modern monument to the matador Paquirri, with them the graves of Juanita Reina (singer), the bullfighter Juan Belmonte in Cuban singer Antonio Machin, the painter José Villegas, guitarist Manuel Serrapi Niño Ricardo, the singer Pastora Pavón “La niña de los Peines” and dancer Antonio Ruiz Soler, all surrounded by gardens, dominated by cypresses. Usually it acts on this day, in the cemetery, the municipal band.

Halloween Parties at the city

The previous night is celebrated on All Saints modern party of foreign origin, it has a great popularity among young people and a strong economic and commercial impact. Numerous shopping centers that organize such events, highlighting the events organized in the amusement park Isla Magica. They activities, tours of cemeteries and places delighted horror movies etc. are added in the street, in nightclubsVisit Seville in November, the Celebration of the Dead

In the province this weekend a parade or cavalcade in Alcala de Guadaira and many festivals in San Juan de Aznalfarache, Guillena, Lora del Río, Gines are organized. Morón, Tomares, Espartinas among others.

Religious Activities

These days we celebrate several brotherhoods of glory, to which are added some other extraordinary years, we will highlight:

  • The Virgin of the Rosary of Santa Catalina, from the parish of San Vicente, in the center and from the parish of San Leandro en the area of ​​the Macarena.
  • It attracts many faithful the Rosary of the Aurora, the Virgin of the Rosary of Montesión, street fair, going every year to a church nearby.
  • The procession of the Virgen de la Salud, in the neighborhood of the Plantinar, Avda Ramon y Cajal.
  • Cults are celebrated the feast of the Virgin of El Amparo, in the parish of La Magdalena, Our Lady of All Saints, in the parish of the same name in the street fair and besamanos Souls of Our Lady of Carmen, in the church of the Holy Angel, calle Rioja. Processions may vary from day. Further information Website of Sacred Art and Religious Tourism in Seville.

Excursions outside the city during the first days of November

The first days of November are ideal for walks in the countryside and stay in a rural house, which abound in the province, both in the mountains and farmhouses of the countryside.Visit Seville in November, the Celebration of the Dead

It is time to horseback riding to immerse themselves in the typical Andalusian countryside, from the towns of Sanlúcar la Mayor, Aznalcázar Aznalcóllar, Castilblanco, Cazalla, Valencina, Morón etc.

It is time also to know the Sierra Norte in the province of Seville and discover the forests of chestnut and honey from the village of Constantina. Recommend approaching Benacazón in the Aljarafe, 23 km from Seville, where is celebrated the “Day of Tozanto” an immemorial tradition in the village consisting out to the countryside to spend the day and “spend the day with the saints “.

Before leaving the locals visit the cemetery and decorate the graves with flowers. We can also take to revive the romantic era of the nineteenth century and tour routes brigands, approaching the northern highlands along the N-630. visiting the Venta del Alto related to the capture of the bandit Diego Corrientes and nearby towns of El Garrobo at Castillo de las Guardas, where he struggled with this scourge that plagued the roads. In the village of El Ronquillo, where it is celebrated the traditional “Fiesta de la Cachetía”, like the Halloween trick or treat, visit the market of the Ronco, related to the brigands. In the Sierra Sur Estepa is interesting to visit the fair of banditry, with its own museum and taking the opportunity to savor their Christmas cakes: butter, cakes and wine donuts, they make at this time.