Seville continues to surprise us more every day with its tourist attractions. In previous articles we have discussed places to visit and foods to try, but this time we will talk about something for the little ones. Visit Lego exhibitions in Seville and make the kids feel comfortable in these amazing construction displays.

From Lego dinosaurius until Star wars, Seville has been one of the most used places for the exhibitions of these constructions.

While there is probably no Lego exhibitions in Seville During the publication of this article, we will discuss some of the most famous that have touched the region, as well as the busiest places and where you can see them in the future. We started!

What is a Lego exhibition?

Lego is a company founded in Denmark in August 1932, since then producing building blocks as toys for the little ones at home.

What was born as a simple idea for toys slowly morphed into an international franchise with theme parks, movies, video games, and exhibits complete with unimaginable creations.

In addition to encourage creativity In the little ones allowing them to create their own structures, Lego building blocks have been a fundamental piece for the works of modern artists, sculptors and architects.

Thanks to its low cost and ease of fitting together, thousands of displays have been created.

It is at this point that the Lego exhibitions, collecting various large creations to be shown to the public.

These tend to follow a specific theme, collecting pieces for all tastes and giving variety to these acclaimed exhibits.

giant lego pieces

Visit Lego exhibitions in Seville at the Navigation Pavilion

The Navigation Pavilion It has been the site of several Lego exhibits over the years. If at any time you decide to visit this beautiful destination, you can stop by the place, where you will probably find an exhibition.

Get to know the Seville aquarium It may be a good idea, but this one is not going anywhere. On the other hand, Lego exhibitions are a temporary appeal, because they move between different nations of the world so that everyone can enjoy them.

Here are some of the exhibitions that have taken place in the Navigation Pavilion and are likely to return in the near future.

Sports Legends

With more than 500 pieces related to the sports history national and international, this exhibition is perfect for sports lovers.

Formula 1 cars, Olympic torches, world tour winning bikes, sneakers worn by gold medalists and even full-scale figures greats like Michael Jordan, Fernando Alonso, Rafael Nadal and Mike Tyson.

Sports such as football and basketball also stand out, where we will find signed t-shirts and sneakers by renowned athletes.

lego sport legends

Traveling Bricks

Traveling Bricks It is one of the largest and most important Lego exhibitions internationally. With a total of a million blocks, we will find transports of all sizes and colors, a circus, the discovery of species, the Wild West and even a Apollo 11 recreation.

This exhibition has pieces as imposing as a Titanic recreation with 7 meters in length, a 3 meter zeppelin and one 3 meter spaceship Carl Sagan.

giant lego titanic

Visit Lego Star Wars exhibitions in Seville

Finally, we are going to talk about the initiative carried out in May by Lagoh. This Sevillian shopping center celebrated the Star Wars Day (May 4) with an exhibition of pieces related to the world created by George Lucas.

The entrance was totally free and you could see pieces like the Millennium Falcon, the Star Destroyer and troops like the Imperial Droids and the StormTroopers.

After an excellent reception, it is rumored that this exhibition would be maintained for years to come during the date, so that fans can enjoy the show. Hopefully this is true and you can make a visit Lego exhibitions in Seville.

star wars exhibition seville