When planning your vacation, don’t just stay with how neat, beautiful and advanced Seville is as a city. Take it as a starting point to contact the populated, pleasant and comfortable natural areas that also syncretize the Sevillian essence. These are the villages to go on rural tourism from Seville that we recommend you visit.

Villages to go on rural tourism from Seville

in the northern sierra

On the borders with Huelva, Córdoba and beautiful Extremadura, (where thousands of tourists a year stay in the famous rural house brovales), the Sierra Norte, born from the Sierra Morena, is known as the Natural Park of the Sierra Norte de Sevillabeautiful ecosystem of forests at low elevations in which you can practice hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or climbing.

Villages to go on rural tourism from Seville: Cazalla de la Sierra

Integrally perfect landscapes promote rural tourism in this town that is suitable to accommodate many visitors and its magic and tranquility are such that large crowds do not break its stillness and charm.


Picturesque and unique. Christian religious areas, arabesque cultural areas and perfect hills to admire the entire panorama from a single point, are, among many others, its attractions.

Alanis de la Sierra

Surrounded by a characteristic Mediterranean forest and crystal clear streams that serve as a cradle for an admirable native fauna and that encourages ecotourism.

Towns to go on rural tourism from Seville: San Nicolás del Puerto

Ideal for geological study and ecotourism, thanks to the numerous routes that surround it, open since the time when mining activity took place there.

El Castillo de las Guardas

Living history in its geological formations and latent history due to the great constructions of protection, religion and art created by man. Here it is important to visit the La Reserva Park where wildlife interacts harmoniously with people in an educational and spiritual way.

in the southern sierra

Tourism here is very well delimited and organized to make the stay a milestone of comfort in the stays and also, to show at every moment the picturesqueness of its landscapes and its people. shares borders with Malaga, Cordoba and Cadiz.

Towns to go on rural tourism from Seville: Osuna and Estepa

Full of landscapes of hills and farmlands where their population density may not exceed 30,000 inhabitants between the two, but you can only expect pure cordiality from them. They are clearly prepared for rural tourism with many rustic lodgings and special haciendas to stay in groups, individuals or couples.

In addition, they have natural environments and others of human design, which are conducive to meditation, learning and a lot of recreation. Its gastronomy is considered “fresh”, since it is prepared with freshly prepared fruits, legumes and products of animal origin.


A town dedicated to showing the best of pictographic and sculpture culture, providing comprehensive training to its visitors in both areas, which makes it very attractive for art students from all over Europe. Its routes have legends that visitors enjoy, especially that of José María “El Tempranillo”known as the Andalusian Robin Hood.

Villages to go on rural tourism from Seville: La Roda de Andalucía

Here begins the history of the Railway as a way of interconnection between the towns and the great Spanish capitals and its Train museum This is how he teaches it to young and old. In addition, the Olivar, the emblematic tree of Andalusia, is praised.


Of all the towns to go on rural tourism from Seville, this is considered the most peaceful and serene. For this reason, senior citizens make tourist pilgrimages to use the magic of nature to improve their health.