Wine, that flavor that accompanies loving, painful, nostalgic, stressful moments, with friends, alone or in company. Each one is becoming traditional at dizzying steps thanks to customary consumption. That is why the typical wines of Andalusia are also those of short time, because they have filled the moments of the residents and foreigners who taste them.

Here are some of the best wines, considered this way for being among the most recognized today, for sales and opinions.

Typical wines of Andalusia

Amontilla 1890 Very old

It has not ceased to be on the list of the top 10 best wines in Spain and the first among the typical wines of Andalusia, thanks to its attractive, powerful and wide flavor, its very pungent hazelnut aroma with sensations of good wood and its hypnotic color. amber; It is awarded by winemakers for its long and proper biological aging.

Lustau Vors 30 Yo

Considered one of the best typical wines of Andalusia, born in the prestigious world-class winery Lustau. This wine has several international awards, including gold medals. Its aroma of noble woods, its dark amber color and its relevant salty touches, among other virtues, make it essential as a companion to game dishes and to pair with cheeses.

Manzanilla, from Sanlúcar de Barrameda

A wine adjusted to the micro climatic conditions of the city of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) on the shores of the Atlantic. It is made by aging in boots under a flower veil, a natural process in which a film-forming culture of yeasts typical of this area emerges on the surface of the wine, which transforms this manzanilla.

Manzanilla San León, among the Typical Andalusian wines favorites

It is the contribution of the Herederos de Argüeso Winery to the typical wines of Andalusia; its awards are many and its sales astronomical compared to other competitors in the region and country, thanks to the rich dry flavor and long aftertaste that it leaves in combination with Iberian ham, fine cheeses and prawns. It does not go on the market without a minimum aging of 5 years in barrels.

Manzanilla Solear

It is one of the best manzanillas and with the best aging on the market, originating from the Barbadillo wineries, which has already promoted other considerable typical Andalusian wines. Its process of the flower veil makes the flavor of chamomile more remarkable, which at first is dry on the palate but quickly becomes harmonious and smooth to the aftertaste that remains with greater persistence, which makes it extend its tasting, which is recommended. with Iberian ham or prawns.

Palo Cortado, Vors Tradition

Creation of the Tradition Winery, recognized for its line of older wines, highly awarded by the press and critics specialized in oenology. This wine is a unique and exclusive generous, aged for more than 40 years, combining the finesse of Amontillado and the body of Olorosos; it is recommended to accompany blue cheeses and mushrooms.

Pedro Ximénez 1830, one of the Older typical Andalusian wines

One of the mythical jewels from Bodegas Alvear, which is one of the oldest in Andalusia. It is a very old sweet wine, originating from the oldest Pedro Ximénez solera of this winery, started in the casks dating from 1830. Made from raisined grapes in the sun, very elegant, with a wonderful mouth and a perfect eternal finish to finish a meal of rice, potatoes or pasta and calmly enjoy its flavor.