It is essential to know if you are going to move the car during your stay in Seville or not. If not, the bet should be parking in more peripheral areas and then go to the central destination by taxi or urban transport.

Consider the option of booking parking online. You can discover interesting car parks and get discounted rates, especially for long stays.

Try to avoid going into the historical centre at all costs, especially for large cars. On certain dates it can be hellish. Easter is out of the question.

There are very central parking lots that are narrow and uncomfortable for large cars. Get informed before.

tips for parking in Seville

In the big avenues there are electronic panels in real time with the available spaces of the main parking lots of the center. It is very useful to choose the right one.

If you don’t want to pay for parking, check out our section below with the easiest areas for free parking in Seville.

Tips for parking in Seville · Where to park in Seville

Parking in the centre of Seville is known to be difficult. The historic centre is a maze of narrow streets, with a lot of pressure from residents, with many restrictions on access, parking or even just stopping. Tourists should avoid this at all costs as even GPS’s are unreliable as changes in the directions, new rules of passage or walkers are the order of the day.

Added to this is the traffic policy followed by the city council, which tends to favour public transport services to the detriment of private vehicles, which are almost considered to be foreign objects. We will offer in this section some tips for parking in Seville and a great online booking service for parking in the main points of interest for tourists in Seville.

Very central guarded car parks in Seville

In this section we will only highlight those with the largest number of places and those located in the historical centre or its surroundings:

  • Parking in Plaza de la Concordia, opposite the Corte Inglés. It is the most central and most expensive, is located next to the Bell, in the commercial area. It can be accessed from Torneo Street towards the north, entering through the narrow Baños and San Vicente streets. It is very popular, with frequent traffic jams at peak shopping hours (11-14h and 18-20h).
  • Parking in the Plaza Nueva, in front of the Town Hall, in Albareda street, so it is one of the most expensive. The complicated access is made from the Paseo de Colón and from the Reyes Católicos-Zaragoza street. It is an area with complicated traffic during rush hour. Narrow squares.
  • La Magdalena car park, in this square, under the Corte Inglés, so it is one of the most expensive, close to the previous one, which is reached by the Reyes Católicos and San Pablo streets.
  • Escuelas Pías parking lot, in this square, very central, next to Ponce de León square, near the Santa Catalina y las Setas district. Access through the María Auxiliadora ring road entering the historical centre through Puerta Osario and Escuelas Pías street. Very narrow squares and errors in green lights.
  • Parking in Imagen street, in this very central street next to the Mushrooms, access the same as above, parking with 160 places.
  • Plaza Nueva Its parking is the one of Albareda (a little narrow)tips for parking in Seville

Parking around the center of Seville, rounds.

  • Cano and Cueto parking lot, next to Murillo gardens and Santa Cruz neighborhood. It is accessed by Avenida Menendez Pelayo to the south, very well located for the monumental area.
  • Cristina car park, opposite San Telmo bridge, along Paseo de la Delicias (northbound). This car park is very close to Puerta Jerez and the monumental area, is usually quickly saturated but is large and comfortable.

Good option if we come from the south of Cadiz, entering the city by the Paseo de la Palmera and Delicias.

  • Car park in Avenida de Roma, close to the previous one, next to Puerta Jerez and the Hotel Alfonso XIII. Complicated access by the Paseo de las Delicias northbound, turning off at Av. de la Rábida and Palos de la Frontera.
  • The parking in Plaza de Cuba, located on the other side of the river, crossing the San Telmo bridge 250 meters from the previous one, is accessed from Paseo de Colón, heading south, and is usually less crowded. Comfortable.
  • The Paseo de Colón, located on this riverfront promenade, is very affordable and can be accessed from both directions. It is next to the Arenal neighborhood, Torre del Oro, Plaza de Toros and Triana, near the monumental area. Spacious and comfortable, although it soon gets saturated on key days or weekends. A good option if we come from the South, Cadiz, on the Palmera and Delicias Walks.
  • Triana Market Parking, in the Altozano, close to Reyes Católicos and Paseo de Colón, is accessed by the Torneo-Arjona street towards the south, crossing the Triana Bridge, towards Betis street, very small parking.
  • Arenal Parking, Genil Street, Arenal Market, near Paseo Colón and Plaza de Toros. Access is via Reyes Católicos and Pastor y Landero streets. Narrow.

tips for parking in Seville

Parking near the center of Seville

  • Parking in the Plaza de Armas, located under this shopping centre, in Marqués de Paradas street, which can be accessed from Paseo de Colón, turning into Reyes Católicos and Marqués de Paradas. Close to the San Vicente-San Lorenzo neighbourhood, the museum of paintings and the Bell.

Good option if we enter Seville from Huelva or Merida. Not very wide.

  • Parking of Arjona, located in this street prolongation of Tournament, wide, to 200 meters of the previous one, is acceded from the bridge of the Puppy or by the street Arjona, South direction. Very comfortable if you access Seville from Huelva or the Ruta de la Plata.
  • Parking Torre Sevilla, under the Tower and the shopping center, at the entrance of vehicles coming from Huelva and Merida, very large, being a shopping center, the first three hours free. Access through Inca Garcilaso street. The centre can be reached on foot or by bus No. 6.
  • Parking Buenos Aires in the Avenida de República Argentina, direction city center, entrance Arcos street ,15 minutes walking or connection with subway to the city center, its price is the most expensive.
  • Parking Colegio Maristas, between Triana and Los Remedios, Paraíso street, 15 minutes walk to the city centre or 10 minutes to the heart of Triana. Not bad.

Car parks outside the centre of Seville but well connected

  • San Juan de Ribera parking lot, Saba Macarena, to the north, near the Macarena neighborhood. Access is via the Torneo Norte round, Resolana street and San Juan de Ribera. You can walk to the Macarena Basilica located 300 meters away or take bus number 13, which leaves us in the heart of the center, the Plaza del Duque.
  • Muelle de las Delicias car park, next to Puerto Delicias and the aquarium, can be reached by Avenida de Molini, Avenida de las Razas or Paseo de las Delicias towards the north, easy access to the centre 500 metres walking along the river, towards Puerta Jerez, or by taking bus number 03.
  • Parking Virgen de Luján, in this avenue of the Remedios neighborhood, 20 minutes walking from the center, well connected with bus number 41, to the center, Plaza de la Magdalena.
  • Parking of José Laguillo, located in the street of the same name, a road near the Ronda, direction Santa Justa, in the area of the street Maria Auxiliadora and the Puerta Osario. It is near the neighbourhood of San Pedro and Santa Catalina and the Santa Justa train station. It can be reached by the street of the same name from the Av. de Kansas City. Once there you can take the bus nº 32, which leaves us right in the centre (Plaza del Duque).

This is the closest car park for travellers coming from Córdoba-Madrid on the N-IV or from Málaga on the A-92.

An alternative, although further away, is to leave the vehicle in the car parks of the nearby Santa Justa railway station.

There is an esplanade on Avenida del Greco, the site of the Cruzcampo and Abengoa factories, between Nervión and the San Pablo industrial estate. Connection for the centre with bus line 21.

Esplanade next to the San Pablo sports pavilion, Thessalonica and Jerusalem streets, connection to the centre with bus line 20.

Zone of the Isla de la Cartuja

This area is very saturated in the mornings on weekdays and in the afternoon in the area of the Torre Sevilla Shopping Centre, 3 hours of free parking.

There are some places in the area near the Cartuja footbridge, very close to the historical centre.

The widest area, Avenida de Carlos III and Charco de la Pava, next to the outer arm of the river, with many places. Connection with Barqueta-Alameda , Macarena and Puerta Osario by line C-1, line C-2, takes you to Triana.

Easy access from the Huelva-Merida road, you can reach the centre on foot in 20 minutes or by bus nº 6.

Further away: the area of Isla Mágica, on the way to Descubrimientos, next to the Barqueta and Alamillo bridges, from the first there is good access walking to the area of the Alameda and Macarena, from the second, take the C-1 bus, which brings us closer to the Macarena and Rondas.

Parkings at Triana Zone

The wide area located all along La Ronda de Tejares, access to the park of Vega de Triana, 20 minutes walk from the center or the bus No. 43, is remarkable.

Zone of the neighborhood of Los Remedios.

A good area is Juan Sebastian ElCano Street and areas near the Remedios Bridge, ORA regulated parking, and in Adolfo Suarez Avenue. The center can be reached on foot, 15 minutes or by bus 41, from the street Virgen de Luján.

There are usually facilities in the Fair grounds, Flota de Indias, Ignacio Sánchez Mejías , Rafael Ortega, Remeros de Sevilla , Antonio Bienvenida streets, 20 minutes walk to the center. Lonely area.

In the vicinity of the Park de los Principes, or in the car park at the Blas Infante metro station, which has an unlimited parking area.

From there take the metro (three stops), to Puerta Jerez or the bus nº 41, to Paseo de Colón and Calle San Pablo,(centre).

These areas have easy access from the Aljarafe and the SE-30 ring road.

“Los Gorrillas”

The “gorrillas” are people who “help” to park on the streets of Seville and who in most cases belong to disadvantaged social strata. With rare exceptions, their attendance is nil and they usually show up after parking with the intention of asking for a tip. Do not expect the car to be watched.

We recommend giving them something (from 50 c. to 1 euro). It is a vicious circle that one day will have to end but they are usually needy and kind people.

Parking at Easter and Feria in Seville

At Easter it is difficult to drive in the center and its surroundings. The brotherhoods often cut off the main streets and avenues and everything becomes very complicated.

At Easter Week we recommend the afore mentioned option of leaving the car in the Los Remedios neighbourhood, next to the Blas Infante metro station, behind the Parque de los Príncipes, or in Avenida de Carlos III, in Isla de la Cartuja.

The Fair offers the public a large car park located behind the venue in the area known as El Charco de la Pava, which can be accessed by the SE-30 ring road.

On these two dates, it may be necessary to book in advance.