Sevilla has two major annual events: the Easter and Seville La Feria. April fair usually takes place in that month, so special to the city, and ended up giving the name to the party.

By a twist of the calendar year in which there can divide between April and May or even take place entirely during the month of May.

It is definitely a week marked on the calendars of the Sevillian. The average citizen has his plain perfectly organized, has its own Caseta or persons related to accommodate you.

April Fair Feria Seville

Almost certainly you have reserved a day for food business and one for the reunion of old friends. Everything that happens in Seville, focuses this week at the fairgrounds while the center remains much quieter and with many closed establishments.

And it’s not just a party of local people around and a lot of both domestic and international tourism is about to enjoy the atmosphere. Seville Fair dresses During a week of April, long after Easter, the city is transformed, it turns in its celebration and it shows throughout Seville.

April Fair Feria Seville

“El Real de la Feria”, as we know the place where Feria is located, is physically located in Los Remedios neighborhood, the nearby neighborhood of Triana, occupying a large area, almost a city within the city.

The fair has two main attractions: the Casetas and attractions. Casetas (Booths) occupy a very important part of the fairgrounds. Not only are the construction itself but what draws attention powerfully is the entire atmosphere inside. Although most are private access, they belong to certain associations, the fair there are several casetas that are freely available.

April Fair Feria Seville

At the entrance, near the front, work is always an allegory about a topic of interest for the city and that must stop and stare, you can get a plane to see the houses that are freely available so you can enjoy of the environment.

Another option is to meet someone and go to their house, where we have the opportunity fun in smaller environments. The other big attraction of the show is the “Calle del Infierno” (street of Hell), street where are located the attractions that accompany the fair, which will delight small and not so small. Here we can find the attractions of life as bumper cars, train witch and others that will take us to our childhood and more modern where adrenaline.

April Fair Feria Seville

Stalls scattered around the grounds allow us to buy sweets, including cotton candy, win prizes, buy something and end the day with a good chocolate con churros.

What can we do in the Feria de Sevilla?

There are some very distinct traditions in this week who have done almost law. One is to turn night lighting, Monday first fair, in what has been called “la noche del pescaíto” (the night of the fried fish), in which the houses serve a delicacy known especially rich at the fair: Fish Seville style fried to crispy and full of flavor.

April Fair Feria Seville

Another interesting activity to see, and to participate if there is opportunity, it is the car ride and horses around the Real, as he contemplated or one in view of the other shows. We can get to meet famous people who also enjoy much of the trade fair week.

The last day of the fair, there is a fireworks show bouncing the fair until next year, while the Sevillians start preparing with care and attention his big chance next April.

April Fair Feria Seville

Eating at the Feria de Abril de Sevilla

The fair is a place where you eat a lot but not always good quality. Rich dishes are served with delicacies such as Spanish omelette, ham, fried fish, seafood, etc at any of the casetas, well washed down with manzanilla wine and others who have their best period coinciding dates season show. Famous is called rebujito combined with manzanilla wine and Seven Up.

Bullfighting Feria Seville

Bullfighting Feria

Bullfighting season and during the days that lasts there is art and tradition of bullfighting in one of the great temples of bullfighting in Spain such as the Plaza de Toros de Sevilla. It is highly recommended, if our liking and if we allow the economy to see some of the great figures of this art that delight fans during this festive period. It is definitely one of the best times to see bulls in Seville.

How to get to the Seville Fair

The fair is located in an area outside the center of Seville, next to the Los Remedios quarter. You can walk from the center if you feel like it. There is more to follow some flamenco. The municipal transport company TUSSAM enables a special bus, from the Prado of San Sebastián, let us stop arranged for this purpose in the exhibition premises. Also line 1 of the Metro estacionesBlas Infante and Parc des Princes bring us closer to a short walk from the fairgrounds.

The car parks of El Charco de la Pava have shuttle buses for those coming to the show in their own private car. All roads lead to the fair and the signage is very good. How to behave if they invite us to a booth If you go to a booth sponsored by a Sevillian you’ll live a great experience. Surely you will be invited to drinks and food and you may find something in a hurry to do so, according to the trust you have with your host.

People of Sevilla is generally welcoming and treated well to the visitor, if not eternice. The booths are small private clubs formed by members who pay an annual fee to have good entrance fee.

April Fair Feria Seville

It is logical, therefore, that value privacy and controlled environment, hence the fact that you can not admit everyone. There are booths that function as bars where you can go to the bar, ask for what you want to pay, but other relatives do not work by money but by bonds that partners purchased in advance. In the latter case you can not ask for anything if you do not have a bonus, you’ll have to ask the host. Like everything else, act with restraint. Otherwise, the house is nothing but an enclosure in that WILL eat, they drink, dance and chat with family and friends. Partners often hire groups of singers sevillanas to give atmosphere and people wear their best clothes.

The super plan to enjoy Feria de Abril

Enjoy the show through the front door means getting up late, get to the room to eat, then go by horse and carriage to the bulls, enjoying a good run, back to the show horse carriage and start eating, drinking and dancing late in the morning ending with a chocolate or fritters hotcakes.

This is the perfect plan of the carny Seville, wealthy and authentic.

We summarize with some useful tips on the Seville Fair

  • If you’re not from Sevilla and do not have anyone here to invite you to his house will have to settle for going to the public free (less attractive) or just walk around and see the atmosphere, which is no small feat. Area attractions there are many places to eat or you can dive in Annex neighborhood to the fair. The further away from the fair, less noise and bustle.
  • At the entrance, next to the cover, there is a small tourist information office can be very useful for planning your visit.
  • Beware portfolios. As anywhere with crowds, there is a danger of pickpockets. Moreover, policing is high and the enclosure is safe at all hours.April Fair Feria Seville
  • There are many municipal services: lost children, medical care, public baths …
  • It is said that the authentic and comfortable fair is that of weekdays. Weekends goes much tourism and visitors to the province, so many Sevillian prefer to go to the beach if the weather is fine.
  • Dress as you like, nobody is going to look bad, but it is worth to get some Flemish less detail like a flower or a shawl. Sevilla women are taken very seriously look at the fair and is wonderful to see the models on the streets. The flamenco dress is extremely flattering.
  • To live the show with charm can cross it by horse and carriage. Will cost a fortune, but if a doubt a unique experience in the world. At your hotel or at the fair premises, asking among people you can target the sector.

And finally, we explain the origin of the Seville Fair

At the fair, mornings are for horseback riding, recalling the livestock origin of the festival. Sevilla is the capital of an extensive agricultural region with abundant horses and the farms and people from the field.

April Fair Feria Seville can bring to this city their best horses and carriages to walk around the grounds and remember the rural atmosphere of the nineteenth century origin of this fair.

The history of the Feria de Sevilla is largely an inevitable reflection of the recent history of the city itself, which is closely linked in terms of manifestation of the collective spirit and with respect to its own formal, functional evolution and organizational.

Born in 1847 by a Royal Decree of Isabel II it instilled in the capital a ‘fair in April won “three-day is located in El Prado of San Sebastian, on the initiative of councilors Jose Maria Ibarra and Narciso Bonaplata Basque and Catalan, Sevillian of adoption, to recover ancient fairs of Sevilla, whose origins date back to 1254.

The covers have always had an ephemeral character and lasted what lasted the party itself. In 1847 a large green vegetable arch is considered the first Fair cover was installed. Over the years there has been one exception to this rule: The Pasarela, metal structure was chairing the Fair from 1896 to 1920, had gas lighting and even some points of electricity and was festooned with flags and pennants.April Fair Feria Seville

Over time the covers are gaining in quality and size until 1980, and in areas of Los Remedios, begin to acquire a much more monumental remembering landmarks of the city. Fair Prado kept its original location until 1973 when the enormous acquired dimension, the large number of booths and urbanization of the area where traditionally the street of Hell settled, forced to move it to the reclaimed land to the river in the Los Remedios district, a place that occupies until today, although in recent years there have been no few problems of overcrowding and lack of space, the number of casetas and a thousand, who have again raised the need for a new transfer.