A legend that for many has no meaning to the inhabitants of the city represents the whole in terms of the culture of their region. And is that as in all populations, the legends will never cease to be heard, some certain, others are only fables of its inhabitants.

The difference between this legend El Cachorro of Seville and other legends is that it was able to observe according to all investigations conducted in relation to this, which they confirmed that the facts were such that the they told the settlers around 1600.

As home to the legend “El Cachorro de Sevilla”

A man who could tell the visit constant of a gypsy in your neighborhood, Triana, he began to question within themselves about the real reason for the visit cash for this. With the passing of the days, he knew that the man nicknamed “El Cachorro”. Such was the uncertainty of this man with regard to the visit of this gypsy, that she even came to think that I was going to Triana with the sole purpose of being with the woman he love.

Moved by the dangerous jealousy, this man I hope to one day, secretly, when he knew that the gypsy would visit the Sale Sailing. The gypsy came, totally innocent of what could happen and it was arranged to draw water from the well, where it used to take water along to the sale. Then, just knew that it gave him seven stab wounds that ended up causing the death.

Some people say that a sculptor was present at the place at the time were the events, which he was able to witness the agony to which he subjected the gypsy nicknamed el Cachorro then he was like punishment. This sculptor was so struck with the look of suffering that the Cachorro was transmitting, I set out to sketch in the sculpture that I was doing in those days, which was very natural, since the image managed to stay etched in full on your mind.

Subsequently, investigations into the event found that the reality of the matter was that this gypsy, if I was going to visit the wife of the jealous man, because in reality, this was his sister bastard. As to date still regarded as a disgrace to the simple fact of being a bastard child, this man wanted so much to continue visiting her, as to keep in secret the fact, which is why he was accused of committing adultery with this woman.

Sculpture of the legend of El Cachorro in Seville

The image that the sculptor carved, was known as the Christ of the Expiration, which shows the face of the gypsy in his time of agony, he said the same sculptor, which wanders in Seville during the holy week. Due to the assertions of the sculptor, who says that the inspiration total for the factions of his sculpture was the gypsy, all the villagers call the Christ of the Expiration, el Cachorro.

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Other voices tell the story of El Cachorro of Seville

Some residents, with a little more data on the events and claim that, everything started when at the end of the the SIXTEENTH century in the sevillian quarter of Triana, the villagers found a figure of the virgin hidden in a well. This quickly led him to believe that it was due to the attempt of the settlers to preserve both their culture as their beliefs during the period in which they were invaded by the arabs.

This image soon became the devotion of a great number of the inhabitants of the area, who out of all the alms collected were a brotherhood, and around the image miraculously found. Shortly after, merged with another guild, and adopted the name Brotherhood of the Holy Expiration of Our Lord Jesus Christ and most Holy Mary of the Patrocinio.

The people who have this part of the story claim that the Cachorro was a man of about thirty years, approximately, which was considered as a man very handsome. This man stood out in any place that it came because of their abilities to play instruments like the guitar, not to mention a nice “cante jondo” (flamenco).

Even when it is not had known love, he knew that a large number of gypsy aspired by him. He was a man totally section of the social circle. You know, because in the revelry of the taverns or on the holidays themselves, is always kept completely away from the crowd. I was a man silent, serious, but above all, it was a man reconcentrated.

Gradually the popularity of Cachorro was to grow in the midst of the population, and along with that, the rumors around him, and his strange behavior. Some claimed that he had a forbidden love on the other side of the river, in the neighborhoods of stately. It became usual to come across both with this gypsy, that even if this is to disappear for a few days, as all the villagers knew that it was somewhere where it was not common to find gypsies, on the shore of a river.

As the rumors about the Cachorro they were already usual, began to spread the news that he had an affair with a young woman of very good family, but his family does not accept the relationship, the gypsy is always held serious, perhaps looking for a way to fit in that family.

With the days, this man began to be sought out, he knew that for a man who sometimes went on foot, others on horseback, very well dressed, who say the inhabitants who had to notice something, since the gypsies never speak of more, and less when it comes to any of his own.

After that this man whatever criticism he took from the Cachorro, the stab wounds that caused the death, Ruiz Guijón, present at the place of the facts, he managed to capture the face of agony of the gipsies in the time of his death.

There is No evidence that any of the stories to be true. We invite you to visit the image of the Cachorro, and you decide for yourself what story may belong to its expression.

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