Tapear in Seville is one of the favorite activities of the tourists who frequent the city. That’s why when someone from outside visits the city, one of the things they do first is to consult the expert opinion of the local people as to which bars and restaurants they recommend for eating or drinking.

The “tapeo” as it is popularly called is one of the favorite practices of the Sevillians and occupies an important place in the local culture. To make a list of all the recommended places to eat while in Seville is frankly impossible. Especially since it is something that cannot be done without overlooking certain places that may be liked by many people and at the same time not liked by others. In other words, there is no absolute opinion, tastes are unique to each person, and the experience people have in the same place varies according to the treatment and service they receive.

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However, we will try to accommodate the wide range of criteria of our readers and will show you in this article a selection of highly recommended sites for tapas in Seville.

Recommended sites for Tapas in Seville

Some people like the elegance and class of a restaurant, while others prefer the hectic atmosphere of a bar. Tapas are a very interesting culinary custom in Seville and the city has a wide variety of places to go for tapas.

For that reason, this list will be divided into ‘Bars for Tapas in Seville‘ and ‘Restaurants for Tapas in Seville‘.

Bars for Tapas in Seville

  • Volapié Bar

Within the great Seville, there are two Volapié taverns. One is located in the Lagoh Palmas Altas Shopping Center in Las Palmas Avenue. And the other is in San Jacinto Street.

Both are equally recommended. They are large areas, with a very extensive menu of tapas. The homemade and sherry cuisine takes a very important role, some dishes are prepared with olive oil and some specialty with coconut oil, with his touch attracts many lovers of tapas.

One of the recommended dishes in this tavern is the scrambled eggs with ham, the “house style” filets, the breaded rooster and the grouper with tomato.

seville tapas bar restaurant

  • Bar Las Golondrinas

Located in the heart of the Triana neighborhood, cradle of art and mopping. It fits exquisitely as one of the places par excellence for tapas in Seville, as it offers the great clientele that visit it, great-tasting food at affordable prices.

Among its menu we find: tapas of ham horses, sirloin tip, squid, cod with ratatouille, and much more.

There are two bars Las Golondrinas in Seville. One in Calle Pajes del Corro and the other in Antillano Campos. Both with an excellent quality of service.

  • Los Coloniales Tavern

It’s one of the most popular sites on this list. It has a very extensive menu of tapas, some of which are very well known among the Sevillians. For example: sirloin in Castilian style, aubergines in honey, and eggs with quail and ham.

Their prices are also remarkable, because they offer a good quantity-quality relationship, friendly to the pocket of all kinds of people. It is located in Calle Fernández y González.

  • Santa Cruz Las Columnas Winery

If you are looking for a quiet, warm place with a good atmosphere and a very attentive staff, Bodega Santa Cruz stands as one of the best options.

It is usually a very lively and crowded place most of the time. The reasons are clear: the prices are good, the tapas are exquisite and the location of the place could not be better, since it is located in the heart of Seville, near the Cathedral. A peculiarity of this bar is that they keep track of the customers on a blackboard above the bar.

seville tapas bar restaurant

Restaurants for Tapas in Seville

  • El Faro de Triana

The attraction of this bar is not only the food, since at the top it has two terraces that offer a panoramic view of the city. Its dishes are from gastronomy traditional Andalusian, and its tapas, the typical ones from Seville homes: spinach with chickpeas, salmorejo and gazpacho, sirloin with whisky, potatoes and seasoned tomatoes…, etc.

It can be located in the Triana neighbourhood, just at the end of the bridge with the same name. It is an ideal place to eat at a good price without giving up the taste, as well as to admire the city and take good pictures.

  • Blanca Paloma

Another of the places in the Triana district that is famous for tapas in Seville. It is in San Jacinto street and its design bets on minimalism and elegance.

In its varied menu you will find typical tapas of Spanish cuisine such as fried anchovies with lemon, veal entrecôte, stuffed aubergines, cheeks, among others. In addition to salads, stews, fish, steaks and a variety of drinks.

  • The Madraza

It’s a big place, with warm lighting and high ceilings. It is located in Calle Peris Mencheta, in the middle of the Alameda de Hércules, the garden that has become one of the biggest attractions in Seville after its remodelling.

Its menu offers variety and good prices, with tapas such as: scrambled ham, prawns and cod, Iberian cheek in almond sauce, chicken in sherry, Moroccan tajines or fried cod with garlic mayonnaise.

Tapas in Seville: A luxury for the palate

Recommendations for Tapas in Seville

It is clear that Seville is a city full of bars, taverns, restaurants and tascas that offer exquisite dishes for all tastes. Tapas are a growing tradition and therefore we find a great variety of tapas that are adaptations of dishes from other cultures.

Therefore, if you are in Seville or are planning to visit, we will give you some tips to get the most out of the tapas in the city. Learning how to eat tapas is an art form:

    • Going out for tapas is best enjoyed in a group of at least four people. It is an activity to share with others.
    • The real “tapeo” is done by eating standing up at the bar of the restaurant, except when it cannot be done for one reason or another.
    • Do not consume more than two tapas in the same place. You should change, visit other places and try their food.
    • Be careful when combining tapas. It is something you should know how to do and a bad decision can damage the taste.
  • Forget the problems and worries of everyday life. The idea of tapas is to go out and have fun.

Finally, we recommend that you visit this article to learn more about the typical food of Seville.