When we tell you “Take advantage of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in Seville” we know what we mean: the great advantages of the most commercial, technological, traditionalist, ecological and modern city in all of Spain.

Seville is like saying “the center of everything good”, without wishing to detract from the other cities and provinces of our beautiful Spain. But it is that everything here fascinates, the natives say it and the tourists say it.

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Take advantage of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in Seville

All foreigners will be able to do remote work from Spain, with this new model of residence permit.

The Startup Law It eliminates all the limitations that until this year 2023, had to carry out this type of work with the 3-month tourist visa.

This law strengthens the Law of Entrepreneurs in force since 2013, in addition to the widely used investor visa and other residence figures that encouraged the work of compatriots and foreigners.

The engines have already started for those who take advantage of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in Seville, as it is a highly conditioned and strategic city for the natural purpose of this law: To promote the Startups in favor of maximizing digital talent and innovation in the application of new information technology, communication and very possibly and thanks to the conditions of the law, by metaverse.

This law helps both users and Spanish public and private entities to adapt themselves in order to take better advantage of current market needs.

We are emphatic in telling you: Take advantage of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in Seville, because its commercial and connectivity conditions are ideal, thanks to a joint effort between its Mayor’s Office and private companies in order to help entrepreneurs, attract investors that deserve fresh and safe projects and also create a national team of qualified workers in various fields of knowledge.

Take advantage of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in Seville, since the city also offers an affordable, productive, comfortable and adjustable way of life for remote workers as well as for those who do it live. It is a land of equal opportunities.

If you take advantage of these advantages of the Digital Nomad Visa in Seville, you will obtain a 05-year residence permit for citizens who are not residents of the European Union with all the legal permission to work remotely from Spain, being considered digital nomad, with all the rights of a worker. The residence can be extended and join other prerogatives to become naturalized.

Taxes are settled through the tax regime under the income tax called nonresidents optimized, which, according to experts, ends up paying much less on the income it generates, compared to the traditional income tax.

Unlike a similar existing law in Portugal, which requires a minimum monthly salary of 2,820 euros to be eligible, in Spain the minimum is 1,000 euros,

The requirements are not difficult to access and the checks are consistent with logic and law. Therefore, we recommend seeking advice through a lawyer specializing in Startup Law, based in Seville or in the Spanish consulate of your current place of residence.