Few moments are so good for visit Seville as it is in early spring. After a long wait, the orange blossoms begin to appear and their aroma spreads through all the streets. Spring in Seville is Azahar, We tell you everything you need to know!

In order to clean the streets, they are often used pruning chainsaws, preserving the characteristic aroma of orange blossom and allowing circulation to all citizens.

If you are interested in visit Seville during the spring Here you can discover some places to visit and what activities to do during your stay. Let’s get started!

Why is it said that spring in Seville is orange blossom?

The orange blossom is the name given to the white flowers from the Orange tree, the lemon tree and the citron. These flowers are closely related to the arabic roots of Seville, widely appreciated and with a unique aroma.

The orange tree is the tree whose flowers are best known, as they are used for infusions, oils and medicinal purposes.

Since they are distributed throughout Seville, the smell of orange blossom fills the streets of the city, turning spring into a olfactory show.

It is said a lot that this aroma is one of the most characteristic of Spain and that all Sevillians keep this aroma together with their memories.

This time of year represents everything that is to come and what has been done so far, with smell being one of the senses most related to memories.

What activities can you do during the orange blossom season?

  • Enjoy emblematic parties of the region, such as the Holy Week and the April Fair
  • Visit well-known monuments at a comfortable temperature. Plaza de España and the Real Alcazar they are two perfect destinations during this time of year
  • Meet some of the typical trees of Seville while they give their flowers
  • Enjoy the rich gastronomy that the city offers, tasting delicious dishes and wines on terraces in the sun
  • Attend free concerts and events held in the squares
  • Venture into the Guadalquivir river and explore the warm spring waters

Places to visit in Seville during spring

In this list, we are going to introduce you to some of the best places to visit in spring. Whether you are looking for a refreshing climate or an intense smell of orange blossom, in these places you can enjoy both.

Alameda de Hercules

One of the most open places that Seville has, being a meeting point for different paths. It is exalted on both sides with columns crowned by the emperors Hadrian and Trajan.

The Alameda de Hercules it is under the shade of hundreds of orange trees, perfuming each of its corners with the scent of orange blossom.

It is one of the busiest places for Sevillians and tourists alike.

places to visit in seville

The Magdalena

The Magdalena is the name of a square and a church located in Spain. During the spring, they are under a very beautiful and pleasant sunlight, accompanied by several orange trees that give off the perfume of their flowers all over the place.

Its adjacent areas are full of restaurants, taverns and souvenir shops for tourists, being ideal for visit with a couple of friends.

spring tourism in seville

Patio de Banderas

Also known as the Patio de Banderas squareIt is a place surrounded by orange trees and with albero soil. It is an area very popular with tourists and Sevillians, as it connects directly with places such as the Water Alley and some spaces of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929.

Thanks to a rich orange blossom aroma and visually appealing structures, the Patio de Banderas It is a perfect option to visit during spring.

Spring in Seville is Azahar Do you know any other place to visit at this time? Leave it in the comments!

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