A great plan is shop around the center of Seville, stopping at a bar for tapas with a cold beer and then devote to shopping. The center of Seville is abarcable commercially walk, so the shopping more interesting

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You travel in a short time. But that does not mean there is a shortage. A variety of shops of all kinds so you can take a good memory of the city or expand your closet.

You go shopping in Seville is a pleasure and constantly new openings, and new developments that try to give a twist to the shopping scene in the city and seduce visitors, whether international brands or Andalusian proposals are produced.

With good weather, the sun and good temperatures sevillanas shopping is more. You walk, you see people on the street and you entertain with street entertainers. It’s much more fun than getting into a shopping mall. And if it’s cold no problem.

Sevilla has mild winters and is a pleasure to walk through the streets with the smell of roasted chestnuts or hotcakes.

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Commercial streets in the center of Seville

The nerve center of the city, La Campana is the perfect starting point to not miss even a shop. A side in the Plaza of the Duke is El Corte Ingles, where you have everything.

Another good place to start is the Plaza Nueva, departing from major shopping streets.

Sierpes and Tetuan

Sierpes and Tetuan streets are wide pedestrian, very bustling streets and many shops. You will find more fashion firms known as Mango, Zara, H & M, Stradivarius, Mary Paz, Calzedonia, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, etc.

In addition there are several traditional Sevillian stores as the store Bags Casal, with leather bags of various designs, modern and very good price, or add-ons store Sabina, although it is a very small place has everything, organized by colors and very good taste. It draws much attention Sabina precious tiles. In this area there is a craft workshop touched.

shopping Seville https://seville-city.com/

There are also cosmetic stores as Bodybell, Sephora, Yves Rocher, phone shops, crafts and accessories. Cuna Street, parallel to the street Sierpes, Cuna Street is known for the Sevillian as street-ins and weddings. If you are looking for a spectacular headdress, a groundbreaking dress or dress your dream wedding, you do not have to be sick a lot, because the best companies are concentrated there.

There are also very good fabric shops and flamenco dresses. Small streets full of surprises

Arriving at the Plaza de El Salvador, it is the street that connects Córdoba with the Cuna’s street and Plaza bread. It is known as the street for shoes. If you want/need a wedding shoes, sandals or boots just you have to walk down this street and enter one of their stores like La Mallorquina, Footwear Paco Rodriguez, Roberto Garrudo, etc.

Puente y Pellón street, close to the previous one, from the Plaza del Pan until the Encarnacion Square, traditional trade and offers something decadent, but has improved in recent years, highlighting establishments like Oro Blanco, Don Regalón, La Casa de health, grocery Casa Lucio, among others.

Francos street, traditional street trade come down, running from Plaza del Pan to the Cathedral, in it traditional and specialized trade, Casa Velasco, Haberdashery, Casa Rodriguez military effects, Cordonería Alba etc, highlighting the Peyre mall, reform stores more traditional fabric of the city.

Street Muñoz Olivé, a small road between Tetuan Street shopping area of ​​San Pablo and El Corte Inglés, but that hides one of the last treasures of shopping in Seville.shopping Seville https://seville-city.com/

Nothing less than aurevoir Cinderella, a flirtatious shoe store with the latest models of the Californian designer Jeffrey Campbell, and paradise for lovers of fashion and shoes.

Among its collections you can find the most coveted designs by influencers, and the most famous celebrities of the moment instagrammers. Do not miss it.

Sales season in Sevilla

The sales season become crazy in Seville. People take to the streets en masse to take advantage of discounts. As in the rest of Spain, the sales are in January and February, just after Reyes (January 7) and in July and August.

We recommend you go the first few weeks, because the best opportunities sell out fast.