If you are looking for parking at Seville airport, you are in the right place. Getting around by public transport is usually not the best alternative available, however, the fear of leaving our car in parking lots for a few days is notable.

However, this only happens if you select unsafe, expensive and unknown spaces. We will tell you which airport parking lots are worthwhile, where they are located and how you can contact them. Stay with us.

Airport parking, what to know?

You probably have an important flight for vacation or work reasons. In addition to cheap airlines, and carry all the luggage to reduce costs, we have to worry about the parking. It’s just a place where we leave our car near the airport and when we come back, we can pick it up.

There are different types of airport parking, such as low cost parking, which are confused with poor quality service. On the contrary, they are excellent services, but at a more affordable price, but with their due restrictions. We also have the VIP parking lots, which as we would expect is a service in another level of satisfaction, even going to take you and pick you up at the airport.

Seville Airport, where is it and how to contact it?

Well, we know then about what a parking lot is and the different types of services. Now we will know about the airport, also known as Seville-San Pablo airport, it is the only airplane terminal in the city, strategically located on the limits, specifically in the northeast of the city, 10 kilometers from the center.

It has a curious and interesting history, having been remodeled on several occasions, most notably in 1992 when it incorporated features of the culture, and symbolism, of Seville. It has become a point of interest that belongs to the province of Andalusia and shares fame with other great exponents, such as flamenco and tapas.

It is available all day, when we talk about services, only resting between 1:30 am to 4:30 am. Its correct location is: Road N-IV Madrid-Cádiz, kilometer 532 – 41020 Seville. You can contact him by the following number: (+34) 91 321 10 00 in case of dismissal.

Better parking at Seville Airport

With nothing more to add in terms of basic information, we will now focus on mentioning the best Seville Airport parking lots. This information will help you not to have to leave your car in a place that generates distrust.


We’ll do a little cheating, and that this is not exactly an airport parking lot. However, we have decided to put it in as it contains a complete list of the best parking facilities near Seville airport for the ease of our clients’ choice.

On this convenient platform you will be able to check and compare the available airport parking lots, and even reserve spaces for your next flight out of Seville. It has an aesthetically balanced site, offering a range of opportunities for service.

Best of all, it divides it up according to notions such as: low cost parking, VIP parking, parking for all budgets and so on. Also if you are looking for a medium stay, or a long stay, the fan will show you.

Parking P1 Aeropuerto Sevilla

This is a parking lot located less than 3 minutes from the airport, covering medium and short stays. It is one of the best options, especially for all budgets, breaking the unfounded myth of expensive parking lots by the hour.

The facilities are secure, closed and with surveillance cameras to increase the protection of the infrastructure. This is the best option among parking alternatives if you are not going to spend more than a week away from home. Reservations can be made from home, although it is quite spacious, with 1,822 spaces for all types of vehicles.

Aparcamiento aeropuerto

Parking P2 Aeropuerto Sevilla

Now, if what you want is a long term parking, we have the right option for you. It is less than 6 minutes away from the airport, with good covered facilities, security personnel and surveillance cameras that protect the cars.

If you are going to spend more than a week away from home, and when you return you want to transport yourself with your car, it is without a doubt the best on the list. It has a good distribution of seats, with approximately 4 floors and 948 available. It has discounts if you call, and accepts all types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

Parking Shuttle Sevilla

We have also compiled a list of VIP airport parking facilities, to safeguard cars in the most sophisticated way possible. When you arrive, one of the employees will offer you the possibility to transfer the car directly to the square, while a van will take you to the airport and then pick you up.

They are safe, recommended by users and about 5 minutes from the airport. You will not have to worry about extra costs or strange commissions, since even the transfers are free. They are included in the final price. The facilities, on the other hand, are in excellent condition, distributing the seats intelligently.

Ddimo parking reservation Seville low cost

If you want to keep your car, but not pay high security costs without foundation, then Ddimo is your ideal partner. They are located specifically in the Barriada del Avión, 1, 41020 Seville, Spain, near the airport. The service offered is of quality, with a friendly treatment by the staff and a surveillance system adapted to the time: human and intuitive cameras.

They also have a van transfer service to the airport, recommended especially for those who are in a hurry and need to arrive quickly without any problems. The floor is asphalted and has easy access facilities, suitable for novice drivers. A good alternative, at a good price.

Tips for choosing Seville Airport Parking

We know that you are not completely safe and that is why we have decided to recommend some basic tips for choosing an airport parking lot in Seville.

Aparcamiento Sevilla

  • Don’t be afraid of low-cost services. As we mentioned, it is not necessarily a poor quality service, only accessible to limited budgets.
  • The location and time of transfer is essential, necessary to avoid inconveniences to reach our flight. Read all the information on the platforms.
  • Security is one of the concerns, and that is why you should choose alternatives that offer a degree of protection above the average: security cameras, gabildo infrastructure and surveillance personnel.