The Junta de Andalucía is in charge of registering, identifying, assisting in the use of electronic media. For this, a previous Appointment must be generated Junta de Andalucía

How to request an appointment in Junta de Andalucía?

This request is carried out directly through the Cita Previa application. In addition, it can be done by calling 995 012 012 and Services 012.

For the appointment, you must make the request for the area and the service that is required. In this way it is ensured that the process will actually be carried out when being attended.

If more than one application or document is to be submitted, an appointment request must be made for each of these.

In the event that the presentation is subject to a deadline and there is no appointment at any of the assistance offices, you must go to the registry offices of the General State Administration. This must be from the Provincial Council of any Post Office or City Hall.

At the time of obtaining the appointment and due to some inconvenience it cannot be made, it is important to cancel it in advance. If this happens, another person who needs to carry out the process will have the opportunity.

How to request an appointment online?

For the prior appointment in Junta de Andalucía via the internet, you must have the digital certificate, DNI or DNI-e. Mandatorily these must be from the person who is going to go to the office.

If you do not have a digital certificate, DNI-e or DNI, you must select the option ‘Request an appointment for people without NIF’ and fill in the requested information.

This has two options:

  1. Appointment request by center: it will show all the available offices that are located in the province that has been selected.
  2. Service appointment request: these are the types of procedures that will be carried out.

Depending on the option chosen, the screen will show several fields to fill in. This will follow the order so that all the results are filtered.

After having selected the options and having completed the reason for the appointment and the contact information, a calendar will appear.

With the selection of the day, the hours that are available will appear. After selecting the one you want, you will automatically get the quote.

If none of the available options work for you, or there are no days to choose from, you can consult the calendar of other offices that have the same service. For this, the ‘Attention office’ field is displayed.

How to request an appointment by phone?

To request a prior appointment in the Junta de Andalucía by telephone, call the number 955 012 012 or 012. In this way, an appointment can be made for the registration assistance offices.

The phones have an automatic appointment management service. The system will provide the necessary information. You also have the option of agent support.