Looking for the best articles and accessories for your pet? We will recommend you the best pet stores in Seville. When we have a companion, it is important to offer him/her the best products for maintenance, attention and entertainment. However, with the amount of accessories and alternatives that exist, it is normal to get a little lost in finding it.

We will also take advantage of mentioning pet stores that offer adoption, in case you want to take a pet home with you. When it comes to animals, you have to be very careful where you buy them. That is why we have carefully reviewed the best stores, valuing the opinion and qualification of the users. This way we can put our pets in the hands of professionals.

Best pet stores in Seville

Seville is a city characterized by an immense variety of businesses and establishments of all kinds. Covering the needs of the market and consumers. And in animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, reptiles or parakeet cages, it is no exception. However, as we mentioned, you don’t just have to select the first option. You have to evaluate its characteristics to determine if it is a good option or not. Pay attention and join us.


It is a store specialized in products and articles for animals and pets in general. Located in Seville, it covers the needs of health, entertainment, food and maintenance. It is one of the most important companies in animal accessories in Andalusia. With a wide variety in antiparasite treatments, to prevent diseases and infections of animals. Also products of cleanliness, to maintain them in perfect state of cleanliness. Determined to take care of the welfare of the pets spoiled by the owners.

On the other hand, they are catalogued as professionals, focused on satisfactorily serving customers through excellent service. They offer advice, in case you are a first time pet owner. Even those who have time with an animal can ask for personalized advice. They have a team of certified experts in the treatment of animals, who will take care of your pet’s personal health and well-being. Regardless of the type, since they offer a variety of advice for dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians and birds.

Kiwoko Animal World

If you are looking for food products and accessories for your pet, welcome to one of the best pet stores in Seville. With an exuberant variety of items to protect the health of the little ones in your home. They are located in C.C Alcampo Sevilla, specifically in the north of the city.

Their product catalog is one of the most extensive in terms of hygiene, maintenance, anti-parasite treatments, entertainment and certain accessories, such as bird cages. Not only do they have a physical store, but you can also contact them through online service. With the possibility of withdrawing the products at home, without having to move from your establishment.

As for their staff, for many customers are considered professional, attentive and polite. Treating each customer according to their consumption needs. If you have a problem, you can talk to them, always expecting the best possible treatment. If you have pets such as rodents, reptiles, fish, dogs or cats, and want to give them the best possible attention, we recommend this store.

Dog Store

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a store for animals of all kinds and species. Always ready to find the solution to products, articles and accessories to keep your pet happy and safe. They are specifically in charge of feeding, entertainment – like toys and accessories to keep the animals busy – hygiene and everything absolutely necessary.

Tiendas de perros

For many, located in a strategic area, this pet store is easily the most complete in the catalog. Endorsed by a variety of certified customers, who have received a pleasant treatment from the owners and workers. As for the prices, it is one of the most competitive and low of the market. If you have a tight budget, but still want to buy accessories for your pets, then we recommend you visit this pet store in Seville.

Jucal Sevilla

If you are in the Industrial Park, in the Pine, then we will recommend this pet store, which has the best products and accessories for pets of all kinds. As is the case of healthy food, collars to take the little ones out, maintenance products to keep away bacteria and other pathogens that normally threaten the health of animals. For example, if your rodent or furry companion has fleas, you can buy anti-bug shampoos with friendly chemicals.

Or, if you want them to have the best supplements, such as feeders, drinkers and water fountains, they also sell them on a great budget; affordable even for low-income people. It is recommended for owners with little knowledge, as they offer advice through professionals and experts in animal care. At the same time, if you are a company dedicated to the niche, such as clinics and veterinarians, Jucal sells products wholesale so that you have your inventory of accessories, products and care items available to take care of housemates and their owners.

Seciliatus Mascotas

Another excellent pet store in Seville, located on Calle Virgen Agua, specifically in Santas. It is characterized by being a professional store specializing in products of all types that meet the needs of consumers, owners and companies that relate to animals and canine, cat or reptile companions. In fact, they have a catalog for amphibians that you will not find in any other room in Seville, or even in the whole of Spain.

Tiendas de animales en Sevilla

You can spend hours checking here and there the variety of products and accessories for animals that this store has. If you have doubts or do not understand the purpose of an article, they help you. They have professionals trained to advise first-time owners and those who are especially concerned about the health of their pets. Excellent treatment, much better attention. They also have affordable prices for all kinds of budgets. If you are in Seville, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the facilities.