Going out in Seville is a pleasure, because the city “invited” to live the street to meet friends … it strongly influences the climate, of course. Flamenco, tapas, views, cups, terraces … that’s the Seville at night, we will discover:

Flamenco nights

Plan a great night in Seville is enjoying a flamenco show. There are many options.

Nightlife in Seville. 5 main areas, info and plans

You can visit Museo del Flamenco dancing and enjoy its exhibitions and shows. El Tablao Los Gallos is one of the great scenes of the city, with figures of the sector and in the Santa Cruz. El Palacio Andaluz is another great tablao of Seville and is also a super lively area of ​​the city with some of the best terraces in Seville and a thousand places to walk around. Flamenco in Triana: rooms are usually smaller and authentic. en Pagés del Corro you have Tablao Baraka, a perfect fusion of classic flamenco with modern. Orillas de Triana on Castilla street, with beautiful views and integrated into a school of flamenco dancers but first class.

For a more intimate and close experience with the artists try Esencia Pura in full Betis street. Pureza street in the typical Flamenco de Triana have el Teatro, with a theatrical stage type more comfortable to sit.


Boat travel

Of course, Sevilla looks very special river walk. To do this we recommend enjoy a scenic boat trip on the River Guadalquivir.

Night views of Sevilla

There are guided tours at night by the monuments and landscapes of Seville, with the possibility of combining with flamenco. Or no show, just the sight: night tour of Sevilla.

Tapas in Seville · Sevilla best zones

The entertainment offer and dining is wide, so you will surely find an atmosphere akin to your tastes and where you can feel comfortable. Historic center If there is a favorite place to party in Seville, it’s the historic center of the city.

Seville Night lifeIn addition, you can enjoy its beauty in any of its terraces time to rest from high temperatures. In the case of the EME Hotel Terrace, where their mojitos, sophisticated ambience and spectacular views of the cathedral achieve do not forget the Sevillian night.

Option is also very successful: Hotel Inglaterra Terrace. It has an excellent view of the city. You can recreate at sunset and skyline in Seville with a delicious cocktail, a superb plan.

Nightlife in Seville. 5 main areas, info and plansIn the same square is Capitol, very fashionable and good places for tapas in Albareda and Zaragoza streets. If you like heights, you will not disappoint the terraces of Hotel Doña María and Fontecruz Sevilla.

Again with feets on the ground, a must stop is Plaza del Salvador, habitual meeting place and starting point in many cases. Start the night there in any premises is an omen of a great night.

And if you lover of beer should not miss the Cervecería Internacional (International Brewery) and taste some of the leading brands worldwide. But you also have to eat, and tapas in Seville is an art, you can stop by el Café Universal to by a brave, climb to Cuesta del Rosario street, and get some “montaitos” (small sandwiches), try the tostas and provolone in Alfalfa Square, or taste one of the top wines of La Taberna del Águila.

Nightlife in Seville. 5 main areas, info and plans

But if you’re looking for something really authentic, stop in Garlochí, baroque and pure folklore that leaves no one indifferent. Mateos Gagos street, in front of La Giralda, are the legendary Taberna Picalagartos with orange wine bar and Las Columnas with their “montaitos” of “pringá”, a local and popular dish.

Drinks in Sevilla

  • Alameda area of ​​Seville

The Alameda de Hercules is probably the most alternative area of ​​the city. He has a strong personality and a unique artistic and cultural environment. For snacks, Casa Ricardo (where they serve the best croquetas in town), Feria’s street Market and Eslava. It’s a great place to have drinks to the outdoors since almost all locals have terraces in the square and if you also want to hear live music, you can enter Naima Café Jazz, Fun Club and Malandar.

But if you’re a 80’s fan, 1987 is your place.

  • El Arenal / Plaza Nueva completely different environment offers us the emblematic district of El Arenal.

It is the area between the Cathedral and the river. From the fashionista Le XIX, where you can also listen to live music, disco pubs to Groucho Bar, Rockefeller and O’Clock, through a classic as is the terrace of the Hotel Inglaterra.

Nightlife in Seville. 5 main areas, info and plans

We address to the Guadalquivir and arrived at the Paseo Colón.

Weekends from 20.00 is crowded with pubs and people. Dada and Kiosco Zaratrusta are two of our recommendations. The Lonja Mercado El Barranco, nestled in an iron structure designed by famed architect Gustave Eiffel, is very fashionable.

On the left bank of the river are also Capote, Chile and in New York dock, all with a perfect location.

  • Triana night: Nightlife in Triana

Visit our special page of Triana to see many options and particularly flamenco shows in Seville, which are less formal than in the center.

Nightlife in Seville. 5 main areas, info and plans

Crossing the river we arrive at Triana, where there are spectacular views. Trendy places are in Betis Street and Puerto terraces, Cuba and El Embarcadero, opposite the Torre del Oro, are the most pleasant spaces.

You can return to the heights at Level 5th in the Hotel Ribera de Triana or go hear flamenco-pop Flamenco at Lasala. Already in the Plaza de Cuba is Phoenix Pub, an Irish pub will be a wise choice if tonight there is a sporting event. Do not forget the look and nachos.

If you are the king of the dance floor at night, Antique Theater, located in one of the old pavilions of Expo 92 at Cartuja’s Island, is one of the most renowned discotheques.

Nightlife in Seville. 5 main areas, info and plans

More central, around the Alameda, the Obbio and Holidays are two “must” where you can find pop, indie, house or electronic; and if you do not want to leave the area of ​​Alfalfa you can go to Tokyo.

With more commercial music we find Bilindo, Alfonso or Lebanon, in the vicinity of the Maria Luisa Park and futuristic Abril in the Nervion neighborhood.

If when you want to go to bed so late is beginning to be early, approach for a “warm” to the kiosk Macarena and your night will have been round.

In the Viapol area (very easy to locate as it has bus, metro and next to tram (well, Metrocentro) is the candy room, the disco “Wall Street“, the branch of “Bestiario” and many others.

And I know many are left out, but once started the round, just ask anyone to make a “party route” throughout the city.