What about considering a holiday scary? We present to you the mysterious places of Seville for that you dare to take an evening stroll, evoking the ghosts and hauntings darkest of the Spanish city.

When it’s named ‘Seville’ many relate it with the famous dance of flamenco. Or maybe with the complex of castles adorned the Alcazar. But, have you heard about the stories paranormal do not let her sleep the more skeptical? The headquarters of the tomb of Christopher Columbus hides that and so much more that is worth reviewing.

Pay attention because then we will collect the mysterious places of Seville that excite lovers of this kind of issues. If you’re brave, I invite you to accompany us until the end of the article, and then you armes of value and take a night walk through some of the streets that are afraid of you just listen to it.

Mysterious places of Seville to visit

From haunted houses, crossing streets paranormal and culminating in cemeteries hidden, Seville has a number of places catalogued by the community as an absolute mystery.

The more skeptics insist that only they are local stories to scare children while others that ensure the veracity of the facts. Whatever the issue, here are the options to pass a ride of terror.

Cemetery of the English (Cementerio Inglés)

According to local stories, the Cementerio Inglés, it is the headquarters of the ghosts that have not made it through the limbo. It is also the epicenter of paranormal events that seem to have no logical explanation. It speaks of individuals walking to the wee hours of the night, and voices that pass through the walls.

Faculty of Fine Arts

We might think of Fine Arts as an academic center dedicated to research. But also as a university mystery that has terrorized several students. Especially at night where you have to be careful because of the low influx of people. Among other things, has been ranked as a ‘place haunted’ of Seville.

Shrine of the most Holy Trinity

The shrine of the most Holy Trinity is a religious place that can not miss in your travel plans. However, it is also part of the mysterious places of Seville that hides one of the stories more scary in the European country. Be aware that within the facilities are buried to a cleric during a beautiful ceremony. The other day, the body appeared out of the grave, terrorizing those present.

Avenida de la Cruz del Campo

Avenida de La Cruz del Campo is home to a renovated building which, according to the experts, has long been haunted and possessed by demons. The present and witnesses of the visits near the avenue have been informed of the the presence of ghosts and tenants in the rooms. Thing that it was normal not to be for the simple fact that it is a brownfield.

mysteries of Seville

Cathedral of Seville

And if of mysterious places in Seville we speak, one cannot overlook the Cathedral. That, between the mouth and the mouth, the truth about the paranormal events overlooks. Such is the case of the popular history of the interior of the temple, where has been registered the presence of a woman who disappears in the thick fog.