As well as to his credit he is fortunate to have been one of the places where one of the editions of Star wars, it also has the blessing of being the setting and / or theme of beautiful stories. For this reason, we dedicate this space to films about Andalusia that are on Netflix and that should not be missing on your list to watch alone, as a couple or as a family.

When we touch on the subject of Andalusia, we speak of it as its conglomerate of autonomous community that it is, so we include the films in which it revolves in any way around Cádiz, Granada, Jaén, Almería, Córdoba, Huelva, Málaga and the inevitable pearl that is Seville.

Movies about Andalusia that is on Netflix: Eight Basque Surnames

One of the most successful and blockbuster films at the Spanish box office comes to Netflix to reach the same level in Spain and the rest of the world subscribed to it streaming platform.

It is the story of Rafa, a young Andalusian who had never left Seville until he met Amaia, a young Basque who is on vacation in his city and who has fallen in love with him to the point of wanting to conquer her.

To do so, he decides to pass himself off as a Basque and move to a town in the Basque Country. We won’t tell you the rest of the story, but know that the Goya Prize also recognized the value of this romantic comedy.

Eight Catalan Surnames

Continuing with the films about Andalusia that is on Netflix and that we recommend watching, it is well worth rejoicing with the continuation of the aforementioned film.

Here the story is new, with the same protagonists, but in the opposite direction to its predecessor. Its success was not as high as this, but it did enjoy good reviews and public enjoyment.

Here, the bride’s father (Amaia) learns that she will marry a Catalan after breaking up with Rafa. To avoid this, he undertakes a crusade to look for Rafa, to convince him to win back Amaia and for her to accept him. The way … well, watch this satirical comedy by subscribing now to Netflix Venezuela or the Netflix closest to your country.

The Infinite Trench

This is the story of the “moles”, republican men who opposed Francisco Franco frontally, for which they were persecuted in the post-war period.

The film shows how the families hid those persecuted, especially Higinio, a councilor of an Andalusian town, which was one of the main wanted by the Spanish nationalist militia. Parallel to this, the protagonist lives a love story complicated by loving her as his libertarian cause and not affecting both with his capture.

This is one of the longest movies about Andalusia that is on Netflix that you can find on the platform, but at every moment you will see a very attractive rhythm with many moments of suspense and adrenaline.

Movies about Andalusia that is on Netflix: Super Lopez

In this film, based on the comic of the same name and filmed in several cities in Andalusia, we can admire the character combining his office work with his work as a hero saving the planet Chitón and his efforts to conquer the lady with whom he is in love. .

A light, pleasant comedy with good special effects that will please everyone in the family.

The Minimal Island

Set in the marshes of Guadalquivir (between the provinces of Seville, Huelva and Cádiz), it tells the story of two homicide detectives from Madrid who are radically opposed in their methods, commissioned by a judge who agrees to attend the case of the mother of two missing youths during some town festivals and that for strange reason no one seems to care, except her.

If you decide to travel to this autonomous community, you will be able to enjoy a tour sponsored by the region’s tourism commission that shows the places shown in this and other films about Andalusia that are on Netflix.

Movies about Andalusia that is on Netflix: Alatriste

This excellent Spanish film that mixes drama and adventure in the seventeenth century, in which Captain Alatriste agrees to take care of the son of his friend who was ambushed and murdered, taking him away from the life of a soldier. To make it your second in command over time and help you go through an unsuspected socio-emotional crisis.

Movies about Andalusia that's on Netflix

This movie has a detail: it is not available on Netflix Spain, so we recommend using your VPN and joining Netflix Venezuela where you can download this and other titles protected by the film commission and distribution rights in the Iberian Peninsula.

Upcoming movies to admire

Some films about Andalusia that are on Netflix, but soon (the platform is already finalizing the permits) are:

  • Between Wolfs
  • The way of the English
  • The minimal island
  • 800 bullets
  • Tuna and chocolate
  • The sleeping voice.