Andalusia is the protagonist of multiple Spanish and international film productions. Thanks to its precious assets (stretches of beach and coastline, delicious Andalusian gastronomy, historical corners, good weather and aesthetically exciting cities) it is the interest of many directors.

Andalusia and the cinema have their history. In this post we will mention the best films about Andalusia. If you want to know the most picturesque and great province of Spain from the photograph of a film, we recommend that you join us and visit this website to watch movies. You’ll love it.

Most famous films about Andalusia

Dawn in dark door

Set in Andalusia of the XIX century, Amanecer en Puerta Oscura shows us its protagonist, Juan Cuenca, who lives as a refugee hidden in the mountains of the province. With a plot influenced by the political unrest and social unrest that conditions the life of Andalusians, this film is a success that achieved much recognition.

Dawn at Dark Gate reaches levels of tension few seen in current films. The director’s brave proposal stands out, the influence of the Franco era is noted, in transmitting the image that was lived in those politically tense circumstances.

Wings of youth

Released in 1949 by Antonio del Amo, this is an unmissable Spanish melodrama. Especially for lovers of the most popular landscapes and neighborhoods of Andalusia.

Wings of Youth is a film that tells the story of two cadets who face mixed feelings for their love for Elena, daughter of a colonel from the General Academy.

It is a very fresh film, with romantic details that do not go unnoticed by the audience. The film, in addition to the confrontation between hearts, shows us two very different perspectives. An exemplary and recognized student, against another very problematic.

La Isla Mínima · The minimal island

Another classic film that takes us back to the 80s, in Madrid and Guadalquivir, a river in Andalusia. The story tells us about two policemen, opposed in terms of ideology and functioning of today’s society, who are involved in a dark and captivating plot between the disappearance of two teenage girls and a mysterious ‘abandoned’ community.

Winner of 10 Goya awards Including best picture and best director, this impressive story has a lot to show for it. The plot, well spun and assembled to lead to a tremendous outcome, is recognized as one of the most outstanding Andalusian films in history. As a good setting and excellent characters, it cannot be missing from your list of movies to watch right now from your computer.

Adiós · Goodbye (2019)

With Mario Casas, one of the Spanish actors of the moment, Adiós is an exciting thriller set in Seville that tells the story of an ex-convict who, after leaving prison, will find a sinister plot and a tireless search to clarify the death (apparently accidental) from her daughter. In the process, she must confront her mother’s family and the fine line between justice and intentional revenge.

Most famous films about Andalusia

Besides the magnificent setting in Seville, and the performance of the characters, this film stands out in the script and premise section. The film exudes action, passion and feeling that are combined with an extraordinary photography and staging that immediately captivates the viewer.