In case you are interested in doing a lifeguard course in Seville and you want to be clear about what it offers and what are the details that you must take into account, in this article we are going to take care of giving you the information that you must take into account on this subject.

The first thing you should know is that the Seville lifeguard course is dedicated to all those people who are interested in acquiring knowledge about lifeguarding and aquatic rescue, thus being able to exercise the profession of Aquatic Lifeguard, being officially titled.

It is recommended that the course be carried out in an SOS training center that is recognized at the national level, being a prepared and important center in rescue and attention in emergency situations.

Keep in mind that the main objective of the CPR and AED course is to train students in CPR maneuvers and AED management, thus achieving the best DESA Official Degree.

What does a Seville lifeguard course offer?

Among the main details that must be taken into account about a lifeguard course in Seville is that it fits the training path Certificate of Professionalism AFD019 Lifeguard in Aquatic Facilities so that you can provide a certificate once the Units of Competence that come in the course have been passed.

Likewise, they are courses that are oriented towards obtaining the Accreditation of Professional Competencies, obtained with the help of work experience and non-formal education, always in accordance with the Certificate of Professionalism, thanks to the respective calls that are published.

The most common blocks that we find in these courses are the following:

  • CPR First Aid
  • resuscitation techniques
  • Adult CPR
  • CPR in children
  • basic first aid
  • First aid for adults
  • First aid for children
  • Application of hemostasis techniques (Bleeding Control)
  • First aid for burns
  • Rescue Protocol applied to different aquatic environments
  • lifeguard swim style
  • Technical cover design
  • First aid for burns

Where can you get a lifeguard job in Seville?

Once you have enrolled in a lifeguard course in Seville, you will be able to access a large job bank, which is in great demand. It is an activity that takes place both in the public and private framework, dedicated to prevention, rescue and surveillance.

You can find work in the following centers:

  • Natural pools
  • common pools
  • Waterparks
  • Municipalities: tourism, sports or infrastructure departments
  • Active tourism companies
  • Sports Service Organizations
  • Hotels, camping, etc.
  • Tourism sector
  • spas
  • Sport clubs
  • Recreational clubs and leisure
  • Schools
  • community of neighbors,
  • gyms
  • Infrastructure maintenance and/or sports management entities

As you can see, doing a swimming pool is undoubtedly an excellent option for all those people who want to have this type of knowledge and work in the places that we have mentioned above. The courses are usually not very expensive, plus they can be a great addition to getting a good job, which is why they are highly recommended.