We can say that we are blessed by the protection of prepared people who also assist us in all areas where they apply superbly. And in the event that you are looking for quality legal assistance, it is good to have this list of Law firms in Seville that surely, they will attend to you and resolve in a good fight.

What are the advantages of their services?

The Seville lawyers They are specialists in all fundamental branches of law, offering a multitude of benefits to their clients, such as:

  • Honesty and transparency, demonstrated in its adherence to national and international laws and codes in matters of law.
  • The attention is equal in neatness and commitment, whether for companies or individuals of all social strata.
  • They focus on providing the most thorough legal assistance without resulting in high costs. They do everything with justice and probity.
  • The law firms in Seville have a staff that, in addition to being professional in their area, is humanistic and empathetic, providing the necessary peace of mind to their clients during the legal process to which they have dedicated themselves.
  • Although they specialize in some matters, they may well assist you in others (commercial, labor, criminal, family, etc.) with equal efficiency or refer your case to a sister law firm of equal quality. All because you are victorious in your case.

Law firms in Seville

Office M Lawyers

Lawyers in Criminal, Civil and Immigration Law. Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Address: Edif. Forum, C. Luis de Morales, 32, Floor 2, Office 40, 41018 Seville, Spain

Website: despachomabogados.es

Telephone: +34 722 73 06 68

Law firms in Seville: De Ávila Abogados & Asociados

Specialists in all types of legal conflicts. Ample staff and great attention.

Address: Av. Eduardo Dato 69. Edf. Galia 5ª Pl, 41005 Seville, Spain

Website: deavilaabogados.com

Telephone: +34 955 51 41 11

LBO Lawyers

Group of lawyers specialized in Criminal Law, working 24/7, 365 days a year.

Address: Av. de la República Argentina, 29B, 41011 Seville, Spain

Website: lbo-abogados.com

Telephone: +34 954 45 01 95

Law firms in Seville: Aguilar Romero Abogados

Lawyers in family and labor law. A large number of clients recommend him for his professionalism and prices.

Address: Avda. San Francisco Javier, 9. Edificio Sevilla 2, 4th Floor, Module 9B, 41018 Seville, Spain

Telephone: +34 656 38 50 71

Osuna Law Firm – Lawyers

Lawyers in commercial, labor and family law.

Address: C. Virgen de Regla, 1, 41011 Seville, Spain

Website: bufeteosuna.es (an appointment must be made through this route).

Telephone: +34 954 27 74 40

Law firms in Seville: Despacho Sanguino

Popular office for all specialties of Law. They are dedicated to the protection of LGBTI+ community

Address: Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 4, 41004 Seville, Spain

Website: sanguino.pro (request an appointment this way)

Telephone: +34 955 11 55 55

IM Lawyers Specialists

Address: Avenida San Francisco Javier 9, module, 20, 7th floor, 41018 Seville, Spain

Website: imabogadosspecialistas.com

Telephone: +34 691 23 88 04

Law firms in Seville: Abogados Almo y Asociados

One of the most requested law firms in the entire Province, backed by its large percentage of successful case closures and support for the LGBTQ+ community. Highly recommended.

Address: C. Torneo, 69, 2, 41002 Seville, Spain

Website: lawyersalmo.com

Telephone: +34 954 90 00 14

Sanalve Law Firm

Lawyer in criminal, commercial, civil, labor and family law.

Address: Av. de la República Argentina, 35a, 1ºB, 41011 Seville, Spain

Website: bufetesanalve.com

Telephone: +34 623 21 18 14

Drum Lawyers

It is identified as a provider of legal assistance services, especially for commerce, small, medium and large companies, in addition to the defense of the LGBT community.

Address: Av. de la Palmera, 8, 41012 Seville, Spain

Website: bidonabogados.com

Telephone: +34 954 21 86 26

Law firms in Seville: Luis Romero Abogados

Lawyers specialized in criminal and civil law. Attention 24/7, 365 days a year.

Address: Pl. de Cuba, 5, local B, 41011 Seville, Spain

Website: romeroabogados.com (chat and request appointments through this channel)

Telephone: +34 900 300 307