To take a ride on horse carriage in Seville it is almost a must experience if you visit the city, up to climb the Giralda or enjoy a flamenco show.

Sevilla is a flat city, pleasant climate, with no traffic areas and very monumental, with the main attractions not very far apart. All this creates perfect conditions to enjoy a carriage ride that lets you know the attractions of Sevilla from the comfort of such an attractive transportation.

Horse-drawn carriage ride in Sevilla

This plan is ideal for families with children or youth, although anyone will enjoy the experience. It is also very suitable for couples as a romantic plan. It is very common to see couples walking horse carriage and taking the perfect photo souvenir.

carriage horses in Seville

Walking horse carriage in Seville is one of the most fun experiences and attractive city. It is not too expensive and the views are wonderful Cars horses roam the key points of the historic center of Seville, as the area of ​​the Cathedral, the banks of the river, Plaza de Toros, Plaza de España and Maria Luisa “THE PARK” among others.

The drivers are usually very nice people who make the presentation of the places you are seeing and can guide us on general aspects. The cars have an immaculate condition and are subject to special regulation to prevent cheating or bad services. Do not hesitate. Give a horse carriage ride through Seville is one of your great travel experiences.

Horse-drawn carriage ride in Sevilla

Not expensive, it is ideal for small groups and it is an ecological way to meet such an attractive city like Seville. It can be also perfectly compatible with other plans like watching a flamenco show in Seville and make a tour of the Alcázar.

Or if you want an original plan to book a ride on Segway in Seville.