Do you want to live a family adventure where children have fun and learn? We invite you to know the Seville aquarium. An attraction that, although not exactly great, fully complies with factors such as: entertainment, marine education and dramatization.

The facilities are well maintained, the concept is original and well explained. You will have a good time for a reasonable price.

We mention the basics of the Seville aquarium. We will highlight its attractions and what you should not miss on the visit.

Aquarium of Seville, what to know?

Seville is a great city. Graced by natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions, those who want to spend an unforgettable day have numerous options available.

One of them is the aquarium. A special place that collects marine species of all kinds.

It was founded in 2014 and opened to the public with few attractions. Today they have 35 aquariums and 400 marine species different.

It is set in the Magellan marine expedition financed by the Spanish crown.

Most of the species are native to the areas explored by the navigator on his expedition around the world. Not a minor fact for history lovers.

It is located in Muelle de las Delicias (Pier of the Delights) of Seville and belongs to Aquiagestion Sur SL

In addition to the visit to the fish tanks, it also offers educational activities to learn about animals and the marine world.

What to see in the Seville aquarium?

As we mentioned, the aquarium’s air conditioning is inspired by Magellan’s journey.

The facilities are divided into five ecosystems:

  • Guadalquivir
  • Atlantic
  • Rain forest
  • Oceanarium
  • Indo-Pacific.

Let’s see what each one hides.

Guadalquivir area

The emblematic river of Seville and Andalusia. This is where Magellan’s journey began and it is the first ecosystem that you will find in the aquarium. It has two beautiful native fauna: the adriatic sturgeon and the common carp.

Atlantic Zone

After leaving the Guadalquivir River, the adventure continues in the largest ocean on planet earth. Located on the Andalusian Atlantic coast, you will find one-of-a-kind species such as: Triggerfish, European Lobster and Mosaic Ray.

Rainforest area

In this section you will find typical fauna of the tropical jungle. It is a wild touch, green and characterized by rainfall. The green anaconda and the green Iguana are their emblems.

Oceanarium area

The favorite section of both children and adults. Collect the largest and most majestic marine fauna in the ocean: Sharks (bull and black tips), card turtle Y guitar fish They are the animals that you will see from the luminous aquariums.

Indo-Pacific Zone.

The tropical ecosystem of the Seville aquarium. Collect typical animals from corals and reefs like: surgeonfish, lionfish, pot-bellied horse and the beautiful clownfish.

In addition to these sections, you will find areas with jellyfish, aquarium algae and land animals.

Educational guided tour.

Tour of the aquarium facilities focused on learning about marine animals, marine life and the Magellan expedition. Perfect for children to learn and have fun.

Laboratory classroom

Here you learn about microscopic life in the ocean. It is a great way to spark curiosity in children and learn about marine biology.

Night with sharks

A nocturnal experience where you will see the majestic sharks in their maximum splendor.

Food with sharks

You will eat next to the aquariums where sharks are found. Unique and exciting experience.

Seville aquarium

Schedule and rate

The aquarium opens its doors:

  • Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Weekends from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The rates change according to the activity, but the general ones are:

  • Adults: € 18
  • Children from 4 years to 14 years: € 13
  • Children 4 years and under: free.