The “zapateo” scatters by the Seville city and a repertoire of organized scenaries, “tablaos” where the art is displayed. In fact, Sevilla has a museum dedicated to the Flamenco, as well as a renowned festival held in early autumn, the “Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla”.

So the wanderer enjoy this ancestral dance that dates back to the eighteenth century and did not need much promotion to be sold by the four corners of the map. In addition, if our tourist wants to take lessons, and into this waddle of hands and feet; the capital city of Seville has an infinite number of centers offering their knowledge it to anyone interested, whether Japanese, Indian or American…

Flamenco shows in Sevilla Best Tablaos of 2020

We therefore recommend the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Triana, a center of international flamenco studies. This art no borders in the bodies as also is Intangible Heritage of Humanity and seeps through the cracks of the skin.

Flamenco shows in Sevilla Best Tablaos of 2020

Come up with the best flamenco shows in Seville.

On your trip to Sevilla you should enjoy less of a flamenco show. In the end, surely you invade an intense emotion, rhythm and wanting more. Do not even doubt it.

The best tablaos of Seville Seville city has an exuberant specialized in offering these events to tourists and local. Not surprisingly, no one is oblivious to the interest in dance among tourists, so there is plenty to choose from.

flamenco show in Seville

In this guide we will mention a few points:

  • Museo del Flamenco

This place “sweat” flamenco. In fact, it organizes courses for those who want to learn this dance. It also offers shows in a very Sevillian scenario, an Andalusian patio and very flamenco program activities, with a privileged location next to the Giralda in Seville.

Therefore, the tourist should include in its agenda busy. More about the Museum of Flamenco in Sevilla on its official website:

  • Tablao El Arenal

Show with good tapas, drinks or dinner. El Arenal is one of the biggest stages flamenco in Seville, with a show guarantee pure flamenco roots for 90 minutes to stumble. 17 renowned artists of the flamenco, flamenco dance and flamenco guitar Sevilla.

Two arts, flamenco and cuisine join forces to seduce the traveler. It is located in the district of El Arenal, near the Teatro de la Maestranza and the Plaza de Toros and works since 1975. Its owner is a famous dance artist Curro Velez.

According to the newspaper New York Times, this tablao is the best place in the world to feast flamenco and, incidentally, offer excellent cuisine. More info on their official website:

  • Los Gallos

They claim to have an excellent group of artists who have risen to the stage to show the best of this art. They lead since 1966 in flamenco, so their experience is a sign of professionalism. In fact, the Foundation Antonio Machado gave the Demófilo 2004 Award for “Best Scenario Flamencos career over the last forty years.”

Flamenco shows in Sevilla Best Tablaos of 2020

The traveler should know that at number 11 of the Plaza de Santa Cruz. His official website is:

  • Tablao the House of Memory

Centro Cultural Flamenco is located in a courtyard house of the sixteenth century with museum and live evening entertainment. Good show, good value and the setting of a historic building that housed the old stables adjoining the Palace of the Countess of Lebrija.

His website is:

  • Tablao Palacio Andaluz

Another classic in Seville with a musical that lasts an hour and a half, where you have the option to enjoy fine dining a la carte or tapas, with dishes new Andalusian cuisine, or enjoy your favorite drink.

Flamenco shows in Sevilla Best Tablaos of 2020

This show has been chosen by the Spanish Television for the promotion and dissemination of flamenco nationally and internationally for its visual quality, artistic value and be a model and example of Spanish popular culture more deeply rooted.


Tablaos Flamencos in Triana’s quarter.

Sevillanas Triana offers many authentic experiences we recommend live. Tablaos authentic: Pagés del Corro Street have the Tablao Baraka (, a perfect fusion of classic flamenco with modern.

Flamenco shows in Sevilla Best Tablaos of 2020

On Castilla street, Orillas de Triana (website) with beautiful views and integrated into a school with flamenco dancers but first class. For a more intimate and close experience with the artists try Esencia Pura ( in full Betis street.

Pureza street in the typical Teatro Flamenco, in Triana (, with a theatrical stage type more comfortable to sit.

Festival Bienal de Flamenco in Seville

A rich calendar of performances artists and quality entertainment is what holds for the traveler this show held in the city every two years, the Biennial.

The Maestranza theater, the Teatro Lope de Vega, or the Alameda form the habitat of these events that pervade the city of art.

To walk knowledgeable, the wisest thing is to put a virtual foot on the following website:

Flamenco shows in Sevilla Best Tablaos of 2020