There is no doubt that the films that have Seville as their protagonist will always enjoy one of the most beautiful settings.

When watching movies online we don’t always notice the amazing scenery behind the scenes. Each scene is an important element that in the end can give recognition to the places where these films are filmed.

Seville is one of those places whose fame grows season after season among tourists due to the amazing amount of films that are shot there.

films that have Seville as their protagonist

Why are there films that have Seville as the main character?

Seville is one of those few places in the world that does not need editing or presentation to stand out on its own. This Spanish city has one of the most varied architectural heritage and most valuable of the European continent for its essence.

There is no place in Seville that a curious tourist should not visit. Not only does it have excellent architecture, it also offers beautiful landscapes. Each place seems to be made by the hand of a delicate artist who was not afraid to fill it with color and overflow it with mastery.

How could Seville not be the protagonist of any film? It has everything necessary to project large scenes naturally. From cobblestone streets, buildings from ancient civilizations, light projected on amazing geography, unforgettable streets, a place that exceeds any expectation.

The best films that have Seville as a protagonist

It is not possible to speak of a beautiful place, without demonstrating the ample catalog of films that have resorted to this city Seville. To name but a few, all have managed to capture an endless number of iconic scenes.

1-    Star Wars II: The War of the Clones, one of the best films with Seville as the main character

Any Spaniard would proudly applaud to see his beautiful city Seville taking center stage in this important and well known film saga. Filmed by George Lucas himself, in the Plaza España, young Anakin Skywaler is captured with Queen Amidala.

The scene is centered on the planet Naiboo, being Anakin received by the royal court of Naiboo. Not every place can enjoy the joy of functioning as a stage from another galaxy as Seville does.

And this is how any Sevillian can tell that the young Darth Vader was walking the streets of Plaza España.

2-     The Dictator

Is it possible that the ideal place for a Dictator’s palace is in beautiful Seville? The question answers itself. And it is that this star setting was the palace used for the eccentric protagonist of the film The Dictator.

Like Star Wars, the space in Plaza España was successfully used to capture the best angles for the film. Not being enough, in editing it was enlarged to twice the real size to show more eccentricity along with the personality of the Dictator.

In addition, they managed to film different sequences in the facilities of the old airport as well as in the central space of the Maria Luisa Park. Who would have thought that one could go from a galactic fight to the quarters of a terrible dictator in the same place.

3-     Night & Day

Nothing could be better than watching Tom Cruise filming an excellent action movie in Seville, except when Cameron Diaz is involved. Together, they put together an excellent piece of work that takes over the stages of the Plaza Nueva, Plaza virgen de los Reyes and many rooftops.

There is no doubt that Night & Day gives prominence to the film and allows any spectator to enjoy the scenery in Seville. You will be able to show from the simplest thing of the city, up to the precautions with the streetcar because always it will go to 1000 per hour.

As if that were not enough, this would not be the only occasion when you have Tom Cruise filming in Seville. Later on he would be seen returning but under the mantle of the film Mission Impossible 2 depicting a Holy Week walk.

If you want to see a Spanish city like Seville surrounded by action and persecution, this is your ideal film.

4-     Lawrence of Arabia

It is not surprising that one of the most acclaimed films in the cinema has had its protagonists walking around the Plaza España. Lawrence of Arabia takes the best of Seville, showing scenes like the Casa de Pilatos, Plaza America, the Reales Alcazares, etc.

The film tells the story of a legendary English military man who played an important role in the Arab rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. It is now where it says present the historical design that maintains the city of Seville, being able to travel to remote times.

It is very emblematic to think that the engraved scenes of interior battles took place inside each square of this city. From towers and Spanish buildings, to functioning as arabesque palaces, Seville’s adaptability has no limits.

5-     Carmen

We have already mentioned how some well-known films give prominence to the beautiful city of Seville, the ideal setting to capture attention. Now, what if the main ingredient of a film was this beautiful city from the beginning?

The famous myth of Carmen is a story set in this city, so from the beginning Seville would fill every scene. The rectorate occupied its former functions as a tobacco factory to bring this beautiful story of forbidden love to life.

Carmen, a worker in the old tobacco factory, without having imagined it, would fall madly in love with Sergeant José. Today, the grandiose building is the headquarters of the Rectorate of the University of Seville, as well as the Faculty of Geography and History.

6-    The kingdom of heaven

Finally, returning to the adaptation of an ancient medieval style, we find the incredible work of The Kingdom of Heaven. It is another of the film productions that are listed to choose Seville as the ideal recording location.

El reino de los cielos is a medieval adventure, which sets its history throughout the time of the Crusades. Who would have imagined seeing the Royal Alcazars and the House of Pilate converted into the palace of Jerusalem?