The street Feria of Seville it is one of the way with a personality more marked in the city. Located in the heart of Macarena quarter of Seville, owes its name to the flea market on Thursday, show that there has been celebrated since the THIRTEENTH century, making this market the most ancient of the andalusian capital. Currently the sidewalks are filled with stalls that sell second-hand objects and antiques mainly, although originally the articles that speeches were offered were of all kinds.

Flea market on Thursday in calle Feria in Seville

History of the calle Feria, Seville, spain

The street Feria of Seville it was known in past times as the wide street Fair owes its name to the fairs that the king Fernando III of Castile granted to the city in the THIRTEENTH century, a role that has inherited the known as flea market on Thursday, which makes it the oldest of which are held in the city.

The street Feria of Seville it was traditionally a way of carpenters, craftsmen and painters being there where he learned his craft the great Bartolomé Esteban Murillo in the SEVENTEENTH century.

Between the personalities more famous who were born in this street in seville stands the legendary matador of bulls John Belmonte and the musician Jesús de la Rosa Luque, founder of the legendary group of flamenco-rock band Triana.

What to see in the calle Feria, Seville, spain

Among the buildings that you must not miss in the street Feria of Seville is your “Mercado de Abastos” (market), which was built in the course of the EIGHTEENTH century, being one of the service buildings of the city’s oldest.

The church of Omnium Sanctorum, in which the headquarters of the brotherhoods of Carmen Painful and The Javieres, is an interesting temple in the mudejar style, whose construction dates back to the THIRTEENTH century.

Other buildings of interest are the Capilla de Monte-Sion the Church of San Juan de la Palma and the Palace of the Marquises of la Algaba of the XVI century, and exponent of art mudejar civil in Seville.

The Feria street market 

The oldest market of the city is just to the side of the Church Omnium Sanctorum always full of atmosphere and with a great hearth, open all week, except Monday, being the day more lively and of greater opening hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You’ll be able to go to do your shopping and taste some of the best dishes of the gastronomy of seville from the 12-and-a-half from noon to midnight.

Some of the best places to eat in the street market Fair, in which you’ll find dishes to suit all tastes, are the Mama Inés with its magnificent toast of humus, The Almadraba with all the varieties of tuna of Barbate, and the Market Fair with a varied assortment of delicious tapas.

Where is the street Feria of Seville and how to get there

The street Fair of Seville found in hair District Old Town born in the street, Mother Mary, Virgin of the Cross and going to die in the calle Resolana.

The best way to get to the street Fair of Seville it is in bus (C3, 14, 13, 1110, and 03), train (C4 and C1), and metro (L1).

For get to know Seville in-depth required of a lifetime, with so many of its charming spots, its monuments and its wonderful cultural offer. Please do not hesitate to give you a tour around the street Fair of Seville and especially its market, will help you to understand a little better the idiosyncrasies of this wonderful city.