Guadalquivir river is the legendary river of Spain, whose banks retained traces of the rich history of the Pyrenees. The arab domination and the Spanish crown, the nature and the architecture of Andalusia: Guadalquivir reveals travellers the romance of Spain, about which hundreds of books and dozens of films have been written.

The cruise along the Guadalquivir river is a visit to towns of worldwide fame such as Seville and Cadiz. And here, both cities can serve as a beginning for cruise ships. Both Cadiz as Seville allow tourists, even before you climb the ladder of the boat, to experience the splendour of the medieval architecture of spain. The cities along the route of river cruises, such as Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain or Villa Real in Portugal, they are also legitimately included in the treasure of the european culture. The visitors of these cities appreciate those who choose a cruise on the famous river Spanish.

Guadalquivir river Cruises

The cruise Guadalquivir river is also a landscape incredibly beautiful. Olive groves and vineyards, cliffs, palm trees and cotton fields, strange landscapes of the regions of the Countryside and The Alkores, deserts and beaches as white as the snow, farm where they breed bulls for bullfighting, this is all open to the eyes of a passenger on a river cruise.

Guadalquivir river is a river that his name has preserved the memory of the age of the domain in the Pyrenees mountains, the moors. The arabs who ruled Spain at the beginning of the Middle Ages called the river Wadi al-Kebir, that is to say, the “great river”.

The cultural heritage of Arabic, which has been retained in many towns on both sides of the river, serves as one of the main elements of the exotic charm. The city of Cordoba: in a time it was to the moors of the capital cities. The Guadalquivir river in those days was navigable much more so that the moors could travel by boat directly from Cordoba to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Today, some cruise companies offer a tour of Cordoba as part of the excursions. In addition, the program of excursions often involve a trip to another ancient city in Andalusia in Jerez de la frontera.

Cruise Guadalquivir river in Seville
Cruise Guadalquivir river in Seville

The city of Seville is located on both banks of the deep river Guadalquivir, and according to the ancient legend, was founded by Heracles.

If you ask the locals about the history of his hometown, surely will count on the ancient legend about the ancient hero Heracles, who, among his exploits, he founded Seville. You can still admire the image of this legendary hero in the Alameda of Hercules, which bears his name. And if you want to do renting in Seville to be able to travel to any part comfortable, and you can check prices.

Guadalquivir River Cruises

Ancient myths of Guadalquivir

And for those who do not believe in the ancient myths, there is, of course, the official history of the city. According to historical chronicles in this area in the antiquity, there was a settlement of the iberians, a colony of hispalis phoenicians. In the third century bc, the city was conquered by the romans.

Even it is assumed that it was here where was born the future emperor Marcus Aurelius. Then, for some time, Sevilla was the capital of the state visigodo, and in 712 it was conquered by the arabs, who ruled this territory for five hundred years.

An attraction of Seville is Torre del Oro (the Tower of Gold), of twelve corners on the banks of the river, built by the arabs, as part of the fortification of the city built in 1220. The height of the tower is 37 meters.

Not far from Torre del Oro is the famous stadium where they held bullfights. The Plaza de Toros Maestranza was built in 1763, however, today it is one of the larger places that still do bullfighting in Spain.