Celebration of the Corpus in Seville · June in Seville 5 days around Corpus Christi in Seville (Wednesday through Sunday) and Vespers are ideal for enjoying the city.

Corpus Christi Seville https://seville-city.com/They are usually days of good weather and an atmosphere of great animation. It is one of the most important religious celebrations of the city, deeply rooted and devotion commemorating the Eucharist and great procession.

Consider it the city, accompanied by faithful numerous, representing different religious institutions, clergy and civil authorities and military, so it takes to run along the streets, recommending renting the chairs for this event are placed in the path.

It held on Thursday, which is festive, gracing the route for the occasion and settling in the Plaza de San Francisco an altar with two commemorative arches.

The streets, houses and storefronts are adorned with various altars, shawls and branches of rosemary. The previous day the city center is lively and you can visit the cathedral afternoon for custody and the different steps of the procession, and attending concerts or parades in different places in the center. Stroll through the streets of the itinerary, especially Francos and Sierpes, to see the Altars, windows and balconies adorned.Corpus Christi Seville https://seville-city.com/

They are usually held concerts in different squares and streets of the city and we can hear touches and peals of bells of the Giralda. This usually day move in procession the image of the Virgin of the Hiniesta, from the parish of San Julian, (Macarena), to the to the altar of the Plaza de San Francisco and Elsinore of the Last Supper, (the morning of Thursday at 6 h.) from the church of the Third, to the altar of the Archbishop’s Palace.

Procession of the Corpus in Seville In his route a large crowd of friendly public congregates the occasion, enjoy this spectacular procession, lasting three hours. If you arrive early there is little public, brightening at the end of the procession as it passes custody.

You can rent chairs that are in the way. It opens access to the cathedral doors Palos, San Miguel and snowdrops from 7.30 hours. 0830 begins on h.por the door of St. Michael’s Cathedral and continue on Avda. De la Constitución, the Plaza de San Francisco, Sierpes Street, La Campana, streets Martin Villa, Cradle, Plaza de El Salvador, streets Villegas , Francos, Placentines, Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, Puerta de Palos, with entrance at the Cathedral on 11.30.Corpus Christi Seville https://seville-city.com/

Ending acts with the parade of troops from the military garrison town. The procession starts with the script Sacramental of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. Then we see: – The brotherhoods and congregations of glory, in order of seniority. – Steps of Santa Angela de la Cruz and the Santas Justa y Rufina, Co-Patronesses Seville. Accompany these steps, the brotherhoods of penance, according to the starting order at Easter. – Steps of San Isidoro and San Leandro images carved in silver, and baby Jesus, gorgeous image of Juan Martinez Montanes.

After they are representations of the Diocesan Seminary, third orders, the regular clergy and deacons. – Passage of San Fernando King, preceded by military commissions and the Banner of San Fernando which is traditionally carried by the Military Governor. Followed by representations of the police, representatives of Chambers and official colleges, His Excellency Ateneo de Sevilla, Royal Academy, University Corps Consular, commissions Hearings Provincial and Territorial, several military orders, the Board Superior of the General Council of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Seville, the Delegation of Catholic Diocesan Caritas and Action. – Steps of the Immaculate Conception, and the reliquary of the Holy Espina.Acompañado by representations of the Ecclesiastical Court of the secular clergy, the diocesan Curia and the University of parish priests – The choir of the Saint, Metropolitan and Patriarchal Cathedral of Seville Church and eucharistic Sixes with red and white costumes. – The Cathedral Chapter, which is part of the Royal Cavalry of Seville whose members attend in evening dress. –

The Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist, which procesiona in célebre custodia of silver of Arfe, led by twelve priests in white cassocks. Behind her the Archbishop of Seville accompanied by a deacon and sub-deacon and priest as assistant dean. Followed representations of the Government of the City Council and the Provincial Council, with members of the Local police gala.Corpus Christi Seville https://seville-city.com/

Closing the procession a mixed military company of the Army and Air Force, with square and music, which will parade after finishing the procession. In the afternoon Eighth of the Corpus celebration of the Word and Eucharistic adoration with dancing sixes in the Altar of the Cathedral.

We can assist in the evenings in the cathedral, highlighting the dance of Los Seises, a traditional children’s dance group, who make up a group of singing and dancing, with the particularity that their traditional costumes and their songs are from the sixteenth century. In these eight days the color of their suits is red.

In the afternoon, return is made to the temples of images that have participated in the celebration and sometimes held in the plaza de toros de la Maestranza Bullfight traditional Corpus. During the weekend several cultural events are scheduled, including concerts

The Sunday Corpus in Seville

On this day we can see numerous processions in different neighborhoods of the city. Simpler, that celebrated in the Cathedral, many carrying children have communion, also in smaller majority are released as “bearers” also take some Marian image of the parish.

The three processions are the most popular Corpus, the “Corpus Chico de Triana”, at 10 am, runs through the neighborhood, from the parish of Santa Ana, neighbors and balconies are decked up altars to the Blessed Sacrament.

The corpus of the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena from 9.30 h. the more it is sober, solemn and extremely elegant and beautiful, flowing through narrow streets and between houses Sevillanas classic, highlighting the custody of the seventeenth century and the passage of the Holy Name of Jesus, especially passing through the Plaza of the Museum.

The corpus of the Church of San Isidoro. whose custody accompanied by the Child Jesus and the Virgen de las Nieves, runs through this district of Seville’s old town. – The Custody under pallium in litters, out in different parishes of the city, – Outside the old town, out in the parishes of San José Obrero and Santa Maria de las Flores in Macarena district, – Parishes of Concepción and San Carlos in Nervion, – Parishes of Santa Justa and Rufina and Santa Genoveva procession in the afternoon. – Corpus Christi Parish in southern district, – Parishes of San Luis and San Fernando in Cerro district. – Parish NªSra of the Sea in the Bermejales and Nª Srª of Major Pain in Bellavista, etc. Made processions internal parishes of the tabernacle, which makes the Patio de los Naranjos of the Cathedral, San Vicente, San Roque, San Juan de la Palma, St. Barthelemy, etc. Procesiona inside the convents of San Clemente Sisters of the Cross and Santa Paula.