One of the most obvious recommendations, but one that must never cease to be repeated, is that, even if you hire someone to do work in your home, office or industry, you should always buy the materials, to avoid overpricing. Regrettable, but true. For this reason, today we place at your disposal a list of construction stores in Seville.

In them you can find cement, bathroom taps, steel, a laser level, stairs, paintings, sand and well, everything so that even the smallest work, comes out at a reasonable price. Go with the family, now these stores have organized their areas to make them more interactive and eye-catching, ideal to please the ladies, make the gentlemen sigh and educate – entertain the children.

Almost all of them open at 8 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon. They do not open on Sundays, so always take forecasts, increasing your stock of construction materials and tools for the projects you have in mind in the following months.

The Ikea case

It seems that for the Spanish the Ikea is everything that is desired, including part of the list of construction stores in Seville as in the rest of the country. And yes, although most of them are already manufactured, they also have building materials for sale. One particularity is that they have a special online construction section in Ebay that they may well visit.

Address: CC AireSur, V Centenario highway, A-49, 2, 41950 Castilleja de la Cuesta, Seville, Spain.

After talking about this benchmark store in Spain, let’s go with the really specialized ones.

Construction stores in Seville

Albecon Obras y Proyectos SL

Direction: C. José Luis de Casso, 11, 41005 Seville, Spain.

Bazarot and Sons. Construction stores in Seville

Building Materials, Tanks and Hardware. Building materials supplier.

Address: C. San José de Palmete, 11, 41006 Seville, Spain.

Polvero Valdezorras: Building Materials

Building materials store in Valdezorras.

Address: Carretera Sevilla-Brenes, Km 2, 41019 Seville, Spain

Alcosa Building Materials

Construction stores in Seville. Tiles, porcelain stoneware and cement in a multi-brand building materials store with a large exhibition.

Address: C / A, 11, 41020 Seville, Spain.


Building materials store.

Address: C. Ulpiano Blanco, 81, 41020 Seville, Spain.

Polvero la Ranilla – Building Materials

Address: C. Mariano Benlliure, 26, 41005 Seville, Spain

Isolana Seville

It stands out for providing thermal and acoustic insulation solutions in warehouses with construction materials and tools.

Address: C / Laminadora corner C / Honestidad. PI La Negrilla, 41006 Seville, Spain.

Construction stores in Seville. Polvero Gran Plaza

Address: C. Doña María de Molina, 11, 41005 Seville, Spain

Bazarot Tools. Hardware, construction and decoration

Address: C. Pino Ponderosa, 15, 41016 Seville, Spain.

Bigmat Relux Seville

Floor materials store. With service options: Store purchases · Store pickup · Home delivery.

Address: Polígono Industrial El Pino, C. Pino Central, 2, 41016 Seville, Spain.

BigMat Matías Tree

Wide exhibition of Bathroom Tiles.

Address: Polígono Parque Plata, Av. Zotal, 5, 41900 Camas, Seville, Spain.

Gremasa. Construction stores in Seville

Address: Calle Parsi 1, 1 (Polígono Parsi, Parcelas 18 – 19), 41016 Seville, Spain.

Brico Depôt Sevilla North

Building materials store.

Address: Parque comercial, C. Ganimedes, 5, 41015 Seville, Spain.

Hilti Sevilla Store

Address: Av. Fernández Murube, 20, 41007 Seville, Spain.

Leroy Merlin Construction Warehouse Sevilla Tomares

One of the most beloved building materials stores in Tomares, Spain.

Address: C. Ubrique, 41940 Tomares, Seville, Spain.

Multihogar Sevilla Services

Wholesale building materials supplier.

Address: Av. Ildefonso Marañón Lavín, 10, 41019 Seville, Spain.

Juan Antonio Haro Pozo tiles

Building materials supplier.

Address: C. Ortega y Gasset, 112, 41006 Seville, Spain

Construction Epoxy Resins

Building materials store

Address: Av. San Francisco Javier, 22, 41018 Seville, Spain

Bigmat Tiles

Address: Av. Zotal, 5, 41900 Camas, Seville, Spain.

Brico Depôt Sevilla Sur

DIY store and minor construction.

Address: Ctra. De Utrera, 1, 41013 Seville, Spain.

Hilti. Construction stores in Seville

Address: Av. Fernández Murube, 26, 41007 Seville, Spain.