The books about Seville of high quality, they concentrate on praising the history, architecture, social structure and contemporaneity that made this beautiful city, the historical link with the western americaboth for commercial, political, ecclesiastical and social relations.

Currently, its literature helps the imagination prosper, the reunion with its roots, innovate and be as commercial as ever, since in addition to technology, gastronomy, or crafts, there is creativity, because among the most outstanding best sellers in the world, there are titles of recommended mystery books that were either written or inspired in Seville.

In short, the Sevillian land gives for everything that exalts the spirit and for this reason, we touch on the subject of the books on Seville that have dictated the chair of writing, analysis, research and affinity with the essence and growth in all areas of knowledge in which said lar, has highlighted.

Books about Seville

Casa Pilatos Book: It deals with the Casa de Pilatos, the most outstanding private Sevillian palace, which dates back to the 15th century when it began to be built. It shows in a didactic way its design and Renaissance and Mudejar style, which have earned it the title of most beautiful monument in Spain.

Book Alcazar of Seville: It narrates the details of the construction, use, history, recovery and above all architecture of this royal palace, considered one of the oldest standing in all of Europe, World Heritage according to UNESCO. It is one of the most complete books on Seville and a must-read for students, practitioners and architecture lovers alike.

Holy, Metropolitan and Patriarchal Cathedral Church of Saint Mary of the See and of the Assumption of Seville (Seville Cathedral)

Cathedral of Sevilla: Photographic references, descriptions, definitions and illustrations populate one of the books on Seville most acclaimed by lovers of the city’s architecture as well as by the Catholic faithful, dealing with one of the most sublime religious architectural works in Europe, which It earned the status of a World Heritage Site, according to UNESCO.

The Seville book: Those who are looking for a reference material of history, contemporaneity and tourist pleasure, find this leading issue among the books on Seville all the photographic detail of the most important places and works of the city, with emphasis on what is enriched by the architecture and its fine balance with the modern.

Andalusian tiles: Andalusian ceramics saw the birth and brought to the world the famous tiles; For this reason, it deigns to demonstrate its genesis, the course of its history and the enrichment in techniques to improve it and make it part of the artistic daily life of the entire world through the very large pages of this excellent book.

Other essential titles

The mental construction on what is the Sevillian essenceis easily fed by this compendium of books on Seville that we show you here and that we want you to expand with the following suggestions, easily available at virtual bookstores or downloads in stores such as Amazon.

Sevillian Curiosities, by Alfonso Alvarez Benavides.

Historical Dictionary of the Streets of Seville(several authors).

History of the Sevillian Holy Week, by Francis Oaks.

History of Seville, by Manuel Jesus Roldan.

Seville: 100 photographs that you should know, by Elena Hormigo.

Churches of Seville, of. Manuel Jesus Roldan.

The Seville we lost, by Joaquin Arbide.

Legends of Seville, by Carlos Ross.

Sevillian Legends and Traditions, by Jose Maria de Mena.

Hidden Seville, by Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista.