The locals of Seville say never say that you know him very well, and it is true, his streets, squares, emblematic buildings, history, corners and many secrets, they will always be surprising. Therefore, we always recommend Books about Seville and its traditions so that future generations can recreate their idiosyncratic value.

Some sites like epub books They offer him multiple themes so free for your enjoyment and accessibility.

Welcome to this post where we will advise some literatures to expand the culture of this Iberian region.

Books about its history

Below are four works of various themes: history, tradition, mystery and other curiosities, in them, you will be able to recreate yourself and know in which of them to deepen on aspects that you are interested in highlighting of this enigmatic culture.

  • From the distinguished author Manuel Jesus Roldán, two literary samples reflect the story in a unique way to detail:
  1. History of Seville (2014): Both your illustrations and your comments about the adventurous and witty stories, are part of this book. A classic that will not cease to be a reference for the locals and for those who are passionate about this culture.
  2. History of Seville’s Holy Week (2012): Preparation before, during and after the Easter week, You will be able to find elements of your own commemoration of this religious practice.


  • The Seville we lost. By Joaquín Arbide (2007)

For the passionate of history this book represents a classic his historic city, squares, buildings and infrastructures as beautiful or more than those transformed in this modernity.

Mystery books

  • Hidden Seville. By José Manuel García Bautista (2013)

This work will show you the more sober side of Seville, that is, its mysterious secrets, taking you to know its appearance paranormal (ghosts and other apparitions) and best or worst of all, in the same streets that you travel today. You will not be able to resist continuing reading so Creepy content.


Books on traditions

  • Legends of Seville. Carlos Ros. (2005)

If what you are looking for is playfulness, daring of surprising facts, be captivated and caught by an enjoyable read and at the same time delve into its history of Seville, This book by Carlos Ros will help you make it a reality.

  • Sevillian legends and traditions. José María de Mena (2008)

Anecdotes, legends, myths and realities They are part of this work, on which surely their grandparents would have to rely to tell their stories, bedtime stories, among others. Like so many other works, that of José María de Mena promises a narrative with solid foundations that will become part of the classic culture of this region.


Books on generalities

  • Sevillan curiosities. Alfonso Álvarez Benavides (2008)

The reflection of the XIX century lived in Seville during this time, its funny stories, illustrative, eloquent and fascinating. For those who believe they know EVERYTHING, this work comes to dismantle this argument, showing the innumerable feats and significant events of its people. The story of love and romance are also to be found.

  • 100 Photos you should know. Elena Hormigo (2011)

If what you enjoy is imagining, recreating and visualizing this work is for you. Its 100 illustrations will take you on a graphic walk through history, if you accompany this visual walk with some older people (from past times) it will be much easier to contextualize it.