Do you know SEVICI? It is the bicycle rental service in Sevilla. If it is not, we will give you the information you need. Bicycle use today “is a highly recommended practice”, so in Seville a few years ago that the City Council is pursuing the enhancement of its use in the city along with the use of the subway and public transportation.

Bicycle rentals in Seville · SEVICI

There is a bike path that runs through the city about 77 kilometers, so you can safely enjoy the main attractions of Seville using only a bicycle.

Bicycle rentals in Seville · SEVICI

Sevilla is an ideal city to get around by bike

Sevilla is an ideal city for walking and cycling in addition to the above fact that of climate, with suitable temperatures and sunny days promoting the friendly atmosphere to use bicycles. The use of bicycles in Seville to encourage part of the exercise is to prevent the vehicle congested city and preserves the environment. Also, the service offered by the Seville company Sevici is the best in its organization and equipment, as well as the app mobile offering, which makes it more comfortable to use bikes. In short, it is a practice that generates many benefits besides allowing a comfortable city tour and a unique experience.

Bicycle rentals in Seville · SEVICI

What you are SEVICI service?

The Sevici of Seville is a company that handles bicycle rental, belonging to JCDecaux. This service has more than 120,000 users long-term, one of the best ways to see the city of Sevilla. Bicycle models used in the Sevilla Bicycle rentals have been studied by specialists in this type of transport, so ensuring a pleasant experience. Also, it has the comfort of having 260 stations that are scattered throughout the city.

Bicycle rentals in Seville · SEVICI

Sevici are in Seville more than 2,500 bicycles spread over each of the stations. In addition it is well aware of the safety of the user, and thanks to its maintenance service are continually repairing them. Between their baskets contain accessories, which you can adjust the seat to the desired height, three changes of speed and timbre.

Fees and subscriptions service bicycle rental

Currently there are two ways to have Sevici services, therefore, it is important to determine which one is most suitable for you.

  • Abono 7 days

It is also classified as short-term credit. You are the ideal if you are few days visit to the city of Seville, as the name implies, are only seven days. At any terminal that has the service you can get Sevici bike hire in Seville, you should only have a credit card. Must make a payment or retention of 150 euros for a deposit at the time to meet the deadline and return the bike the payment or withholding is returned to the user account. The fee for seven days with the bike is 12.30 euros, which are charged to the credit card. The first thirty minutes after picking the bike are free, and is where you can leverage to put the bike up properly and adjust all elements of protection. Then the next few hours are 2.04 euros per hour. You should not expect a station or a nearby known, can lead to a terminal and passing the credit card through the reader which will give 15 extra minutes free. In the terminal they are at a detailed places where stations are located and approximate time to reach each one of them. These are just some tips to save money and likewise enjoy Sevici service and tour the city by bike economically.

Bicycle rentals in Seville · SEVICI

    • Abono 1 year

Manure a year or long-term subscription is unlimited number of paths that can be used throughout the year. It is a process very quick and simple, just look at the company website all relevant information will be obtained to the rate. This service has a cost of 30.76 euros, which will be charged to the bank account of the requesting user. Has the same advantage as short-term rent the first 30 minutes is free. The following hours of bicycle use has a cost for the first hour of 0.51 euros and other hours the cost is 1.03 euros.

How to enroll in the service of bike rentals in Seville?

It should be an identification as a first step, placing the credit card safeguarding long-term or short-lived. It all depends on the package you choose, so it should be clear the number of days that you will need during your stay in the city of Sevilla. Then you must access the menu that says “Remove a Bicycle” and select the appropriate bike.

It should then go where the chosen bike and unlock an interval of one minute and you’re ready for a bike ride through the city of Sevilla. Collection points and delivery of bicycles are located in different parts of Seville.

When you want to leave, go one to put the bike on the system and listen to issue a double “beep”, it is the confirmation sound of a good anchorage, which stop the charges to account for the use of the bicycle. In case the “Bip” is continuous, ie, more than twice or sound only once, it is advisable to repeat the operation to avoid additional charges for bad anchorage.

Thus anchoring the bicycle was carried out in a correct way, it is advisable to spend latarjeta by the reader station and the system will recognize it immediately and avoid additional charges. If any problem arises at the time of anchoring the bicycle, can call to the phone number 900 900 722, where you can give options on how to act in these cases.

Mobile App Mobile application services Sevici, is a platform that was created to have a guide on the status and position of the network of bicycle lanes and bicycle parking network, through the use deGPS. Using this service will be a map of Seville, where you should write the zip code of the user connecting. This service is so useful that you can plan the route to better tap the time and see the provisions of the nearest anchorage areas during the tour.

Bicycle rentals in Seville · SEVICI

Also, information is obtained about the number of bikes available in case you want to change in the nearest anchorage. With this system large technological Sevici service has had an impressive boom, so in recent years has worked on the construction of new sections of cycle lanes.

They will have the advantages of this web service platform for users and their mobile, so as to facilitate the use of bicycles and have greater ease. Is an update that was taken into account by the need for users to know tourists anchorage zones and anticipate if bicycles are available for change.

No need and addressed to the terminal and move to see informational signs, only with the application to be downloaded directly from the website Sevici. Now that you have all this information, just need to enjoy their services.