Decoration is taking more and more place in our daily life, it seems to attract all kinds of public, so we bring you the best decoration stores in Seville.

We regularly follow Instagram accounts where they show us fabulous wall vinyls and we are interested in decorative furniture that appear on Pinterest, because having a nice house has become an essential part of feeling good.

Seville is known to have a real influence on the world and when you look at all the decorating stores that are located in each of the districts, you quickly understand why. The lovers of the decoration choose to discover which are the pleasant corners where to find rare and quality pieces.

Tiendas decoración en Sevilla

What are the best decoration stores in Seville?

Whether hidden away in a narrow street of our favorite neighborhood, we can find our new favorite store, a real cabinet of curiosities that only contains decorative treasures.

In these decoration stores in Seville we can find the bohemian style home accessories we are looking for to mix with retro objects.

1-    Kenay Home

A few years ago, the decoration giant opened its doors in Asuncion Street, number 4 for our delight. The brand offers a very trendy decoration universe, a mix of chic spirit and natural inspiration, very trendy.

We find objects with noble materials such as linen, wool or leather, at affordable prices. Recently, even began to offer small furniture, such as stools, tables, lights or consoles.

As with its furniture department, the brand often offers promotions, which allow you to discover their new products or buy the classics, everything you need to redo your decor without feeling guilty.

2-    Maisons du Monde

Another decorative sign that comes directly from France. Today, it has approximately 300 franchises throughout Europe and in Seville it is located in the Vega del Rey Commercial Park, on Paseo de las Erillas. It has the gift of offering small decorative items at very affordable prices.

The brand does not necessarily offer products that follow all the tendencies, but there is something to adopt a decoration of the moment. Maisons du Monde is more the type that innovates and creates its own universe, with wall vinyl often offered in very neutral or very pop colors, the items sold are perfect to add a touch of color to your decor.

3-    PT Decoración.

Like Kenay Home, PT Decoration still has the reputation of being a cheap, low-end brand.

This is one of the best decoration stores in Seville, it is located at number 32 of Monte Carmelo Street, it is also playing the discount card.

And there is no need to spend hours searching through the shelves, PT Decoración regularly offers new products with a catalog entirely dedicated to furniture and decoration.

The traditional and industrial decoration is in the spotlight, but the economic decoration brand also offers collections in other universes such as boho, natural, ethnic, rural, among others.

4-    Heca Decoración

Coming directly from Spain, this economical decoration store in Seville offers a very trendy universe at unbeatable prices. The store established in 1992 in is located in the number 32 of the Monte Carmelo Street

Every week, this affordable decorating brand introduces new products, all inspired by the trend and hygge travel.

In Heca Decoration, we find both trinkets and bedding, often in a very boho and pleasant spirit. Cushions and rugs with Berber prints, wicker baskets, round jute rugs, flowerpots, among others.

5-    Arjé Decoración

If you are looking for refined decoration, natural materials and you like chic interiors, you should definitely visit and take a look at Arjé Decoración.  In the Santa Cruz neighborhood, located in an old post house completely renovated, at number 2 of Pasaje Andreu.

The decoration stores in Seville, have the ability to offer fashionable and affordable items, although in general it can be a little more expensive. From the bedroom to the dining room, including outfits to stay at home, there is everything you need to create a fashionable decoration.