Becquer’s poems, rhymes and legends are undoubtedly one of the works that we should all read. Romanticism was one of the eras that almost completely enveloped this citywho has managed to go through each stage of this in the most beautiful way.

During romanticism we can say that Seville was completely transformed both in its urban landscape and in the custom of all those who live there. So to understand a little more about the Bécquer of Seville, we are going to tell you a little more about his life in this wonderful city.

The true face of Becquer.


Bécquer was born and lived his childhood at the perfect time, when Spanish romanticism was at its peak. This cultural movement in the 19th century managed to turn Seville into one of the most exotic destinations you could find in Spain.

Some of those pioneers left in this city a large amount of architecture that enchants with just a glance. Bécquer began his painting classes in 1850, specifically with the well-known painter Antonio Cabral Bejarano.

He was descended from a great noble family of Flemish merchants, but Bécquer had a life full of misfortunes. Being that he and his brother were completely orphaned when they were both still children.

It was Bécquer who chose literature as a refuge, just as he embraced in his ideals an intense desire to succeed.. So he decided to go to Madrid despite the fact that his health had always been weak, but his love for the fine arts was the only thing that, according to him, gave him happiness.

His brother, on the other hand, kept only the Andalusian style of painting, which helped him maintain his sales in really difficult times, since they were the ones with the most sales at that time.

The author of the famous Rhymes and legends, as well as his brother, began their artistic careers far from the city of Seville, but it had always marked each of their designs. Each of his works showed the personal part, the passion, as well as the instinct of Bécquer.

The historical moment they lived through will remain reflected in each of the poems he wrote, where we can say that he fully embraced Romanticism.

Becquer’s legacy in Seville.

Currently, there are a large number of spaces dedicated to the works of the Bécquer brothers. Especially who is considered one of the greatest representatives of modern poetry in Spain.

There are many streets, as well as the emblematic places of Seville, such as the Bécquer roundabout, La Alameda, among other places in this city. Undoubtedly, the existence of both brothers gave a strong impact to this locality, and Gustavo Adolfo left written as his last wish that his resting place be in Seville, specifically on the banks of Betis.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been fulfilled, but it has been possible to rest in the city where he was born, as well as his brother.