Bitcoin is an unavoidable step, which was accelerated by the pandemic and by the mismanagement of the different economies in the world, by the rulers of the day. In part, we should be grateful that his mistakes led us to him, for being an inclusive, decentralized system that lives on the basis of trust. And it has been so great that it can already be considered unstoppable. Our city could not be left behind and some ATMs are already in operation in Seville for cryptocurrencies, working among other things for:

    • Improve the local economy.
    • Attract tourism and investment.
    • Improve the financial system with the use of new Payment Methods.
    • Start a new education in finance, more integrationist and closer to people.
    • Encourage people to stay up-to-date when it comes to news and current affairs about cryptocurrencies.
    • Stimulate the purchase and sale of products, the request for services and more options for the acquisition of goods, such as vehicles and/or houses.
    • Being able to have cash with the use of a mobile device, a wallet and withdraw it at any of the ATMs in Seville for cryptocurrencies.


  • The cons

We must bear in mind that there are thousands of people who, despite having heard about bitcoin and altcoins (generalized as cryptocurrencies), are not committed to managing them. It is part of a long and slow process that is not stimulated by governments -except those that are annexing Bitcoin to their economies, as in the case of El Salvador- and that deserves a commitment on the part of connoisseurs, who sometimes find themselves tied of hands to reach macro audiences.

But not everything is against it; micro audiences have become overcrowded and understanding is not low, the main steps for managing a wallet are already known and thus -in our case- being able to competently use ATMs in Seville for cryptocurrencies. These steps are, among others:

  • Have a wallet for cryptocurrencies that you can carry on your mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet). You can search on pages like cryptodiary recommendations of which ones to use and download on your mobile.
  • The ATMs in Seville for cryptocurrencies will indicate the steps for immediate and instinctive synchronization, as they used to do with the ATMs traditional, you will be receiving whatever cryptocurrencies you require to top up or you can send to receive or other cryptocurrencies or traditional money.

The main thing is not to fear it and follow the steps that the team itself indicates. As main information and to familiarize yourself, we recommend you visit the ATMs in Seville for cryptocurrencies that are active. There, both on screen, additional informative and personal plates, they will provide you with advice with which you, from the first moment and alone, will enter another of the many advantages of the crypto world.

ATMs in Seville for cryptocurrencies

In Seville, you can find these ATMs at:

Bitcoin ATM Seville BitBase

Direction: Calle San Eloy, 27, 41001 Seville, Spain.

Active from 10 in the morning to 7 at night from Monday to Saturday (take forecasts).

Telephone for inquiries with those who host the ATM: +34 955 05 92 16.

You can receive the money in cash or by bank transfer.

ATMs in Seville for cryptocurrencies: Buy Bitcoin Seville BitBase

Venue Name: iPhone Repair Seville

Direction: C/ Asuncion, 84, 41011 Seville, Spain

Active from 10 in the morning to 7 at night.

Telephone for inquiries with those who house the ATM (Triana – The Remedies): +34 955 21 11 05.

They also offer the alternative for those who do not have a wallet on their mobile, to make transactions with them through Localbitcoin and Paxful receiving the money immediately.