The April fair of Seville held annually in the spring, on the campus of Real de la Feria, which has a few streets that are decked out with stalls and lanterns and by the circulating hire of horses and riders with an influx of public that reaches half a million visitors daily. The April fair has the declaration of Festival of International Tourist Interest and has a huge social and economic impact in the andalusian capital.

If you are thinking of visiting the April fair this year, you’ll be interested to know a few things to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

What is the origin of the Fair of April of Seville

The April fair began its journey in the year 1847 with a commercial for the sale and purchase of livestock. Already that same year was a great success, attracting more than 25 000 visitors.

With the years became a party social, leaving behind her a commercial character, thus becoming the most important annual event in Seville, with universal fame.

Since 1973, it is held in its current venue, which occupies more than a million square meters divided into 3 distinct areas: The Real de la Feria, The Street of Hell and the car parks.

Original photograph of the ancient fair of April of Seville (between 1896 and 1921)

When does the Fair of Seville

The duration of the April fair it was 3 days in their early years, going to 6 days since 1952.

By tradition there has always been at least a week between the end of the Holy Week and the start of the April fair, what has sometimes led to held in the month of may.

The municipal regulations indicates that has held since the 2nd Sunday after the end of Holy Week until the following Saturday, including both days. If I had to celebrate it in may in full, would be advanced to the first Sunday subsequent to the end of the Holy Week.

What time to go to the April Fair

You can go from morning to night but the truth is that the thing doesn’t start to perk up until more or less 3 in the afternoon, being the culminating point between the 5 and the 8that is when you can enjoy the walks in carriages and horses the picture more eye-catching and classic Fair of Seville.

In the evening there is a lot of running counting many of the stands with different performances although visually not as striking as in the afternoon.

How to dress in the Fair of Seville

The April fair there you go well dressed. In the case of the women it is ideal to go with good flamenco dresses, and if that is not possible, at least well made up and arranged. In the case of the men, the best thing is to go with jackets either with a tie or without it. Only riders and children to wear short.

A tip: if you don’t have a good dress flamenco, do not buy a trinket in any bazaar. It is preferable to go arranged that in disguise with a bad dress flamenco.

The April fair it is an event that is to be known at least once in the life, where not only can you soak up the powerful culture in seville and andalusia but it is also a place where eating and drinking the best products of the country, and learn a little flamenco and tapas-seville, in a few days that will be unforgettable.