In this article we describe the Seville April Fair, La Feria de Abril for local walkers or abroad by a distance of 5 km, by the various streets named after famous bullfighters.

April Fair Feria Seville Casetas are these makeshift houses where the Sevillian spend these days. There are individuals or private Casetas, as space is limited, many Sevillian casetas are grouped into cultural, religious associations, sports, politics, business or just a group of friends who get together to spend these days together.

These add up casetas, whose purpose is that of a catering business or social club, which can be accessed with entry fee per day, usually contracted before the show and the various public services and municipal.

Those who have no house can approach the Public casetas installed the City Council, some political parties or the restaurant caseta’s in the area south of attractions, across the “Street of Hell”.April Fair Feria Seville

On this tour we will see the different houses of the Sevillian ephemeral, but only part because many are reserved and only allow us to see the room from outside and listen sevillanas.

Walking route recommended by the Fair of Seville. As are more than 1,000 casetas, we will highlight the biggest, most environment, public and better decorated: We begin with the Home Fair, the cross to take the Broad Street Antonio Bienvenida, two-lane -sur facing north. It will emphasize the following casetas:

  • PUERTO DE SEVILLA No. 5, which is located 200 meters from the Fair.
  • U.G.T., No. 13, union, public booth.
  • Casa de Soria, nº17, headquartered in Castilian Meson Sevilla is in the central street Jovellanos.
  • The three letters, # 23, group of the ABC newspaper.
  • Cleaning Company LIPASAM # 43.
  • OF F, No. 52. Finanzauto booth, company.
  • Cultural Peña Flamenca TORRES MACARENA, No. 64. of great tradition, its headquarters is in the Macarena neighborhood near the Basilica.
  • A.E.S.G. No. 69, Societe Generale shed employees.
  • FRIENDS OF THE FAIR, No. 73, fair partnership.
  • P.S.O.E – Andalucía, 79, public booth
  • Borough OLD TOWN # 97, public booth.

April Fair Feria Seville the end of this road continue to the right towards Pascual Marquez Street, east-west orientation, we find the following casetas:

  • AIRBUS MILITARY, No. 5, aeronautical company, one of its centers is located next to the fair.
  • PCE-A, No. 9, belongs to the Communist Party of Andalusia, public booth.
  • Borough EAST-Cerro-Amate, No. 21, public booth.
  • Andalusians around the world, No. 29. Cultural Association.
  • COEXISTENCE No. 33, organized by the National Police.
  • OUTSIDE THE No. 40 banking center.
  • COUNTRY CLUB, No. 53, Social Club, its headquarters is the exit to Madrid by the A-4.April Fair Feria Seville
  • The Marabout, No. 58, military, 2nd Air Region.
  • POPULAR PARTY, No. 66, public booth.
  • Peña Bética GATE OF FLESH, # 69, football association usually located on Calle Santa Maria la Blanca.
  • HOUSE JAÉN, no regional 75.
  • CC.OO, 81, union, public booth.
  • Borough MACARENA-NORTE, No. 85, public booth.
  • LOCAL POLICE, cultural center, # 91.
  • Peña SEVILLISTA MACARENA # 102, sports association football.
  • FOUNDATION CAJASOL, No. 113, belonging to the foundation of the former Savings Bank.
  • WATER, No. 119, municipally owned water, EMASESA, one of the best of the Fair.
  • ASTURIANO Center, No. 127, regional.
  • ER tronquito, No. 137, personal military headquarters Futer, the former Captaincy General.April Fair Feria Seville
  • ABANICO, No. 140, particularly awarded in 2018.
  • SNUFF MILL, No. 141, former employees, now the factory has gone.
  • LAR GALLEGO, No. 149, Galician regional association in Sevilla.
  • Borough TRIANA-REMEDIES, No. 153.
  • HOUSE OF LA MANCHA, No. 159, regional.
  • La Peineta, No. 195, particularly awarded in 2016.
  • HELVETIA, No. 203, managed by the insurance company for employees and customers.
  • Borough CERRO AMATE, No. 215, public.
  • POPULAR No. 225-229, Destination Sevilla, town hall, tourist, public.

April Fair Feria Seville right and take the parallel street, Calle Juan Belmonte, east and west. There we found:

  • EMVISESA, No. 210, Municipal Housing Company.
  • Party ANDALUCISTA, No. 196, public booth.
  • VENT No. 168 particular.
  • PARTNER, No. 180, stand very broad, long tradition and tradition, Civil Guard.
  • A. P. S. Press Association of Seville, No. 96, for the defense of journalists.
  • Cultural Center Railway Isbilya, No. 40, private club whose members are workers and retirees of Renfe.
  • The Heirs of the PRADO, nº35, awarded in 2019.
  • ELVES Sevilla, nº 23, Pena same name.
  • Chamber of Commerce, No. 1.April Fair Feria Seville

Turn left and take the parallel street Joselito el Gallo, east and west, where we see the casetas:

  • CIRCULO MERCANTIL E INDUSTRIAL, No. 3, one of the largest in the fair with various environments. This cultural and sports club is one of the deepest in the city.
  • SOCK, No. 7, familiar, notable for its decoration.
  • the crushing, No. 26, of this association, house very old and rewarded.
  • ENDESA, No. 39, electricity company.
  • ATENEO DE SEVILLA, nº44. association of great social influence, emphasizes its decoration.
  • PHARMACIST No. 67. Club stands out for the quality of its decoration.
  • Real CLUB OF ANDALUSIA, Issue 75., spectacular and luxurious air shed this historic club.April Fair Feria Seville
  • Real CLUB PINEDA DE SEVILLA No. 87, another great booth this historic equestrian club Sevilla.
  • SALT AND SALT, No. 97, particularly awarded in 2017.
  • # 99 ARCA, an association of agriculture, house awarded in 2018.
  • Mercasevilla No. 119, staff central market.
  • SANTA CLARA # 141, stands out for its decoration association.
  • Bancaya, No. 153, Banco Vizcaya, nicely decorated.
  • CLUB SEVILLABAN, No. 169, stand firm.

April Fair Feria Seville right and return to take the parallel street, the street Gitanillo de Triana, orientation East-West:

  • CINNAMON FLOWER, No. 207, Peruvian Cultural Association of Seville.
  • AIRES Giralda Tower, No. 149, association, awarded booth.
  • THE PATIO, No. 53, of this cultural rock, Trianera, located in Callao Street No.6, former Casino Triana.
  • TABLE No. 27, created by the staff of the Air Army.
  • GIRALDILLO No. 25 of this cultural association.
  • REAL CIRCULO Labradores, nº5, one of the largest and most classic of the fair, historical social club.

We passed the Cover and turn left go down the street Espartero, orientation East-West, next to the neighborhood of Remedios, through the casetas:

  • El Corte Ingles No.21 of this mall.
  • The AMOROSOS, No. 27, awarded in 2019.
  • Stand-HARO SANCHEZ CARMONA, No. 55, particular. </ Li> At the end next to the area attractions, street of hell, ampliacalle of Costillareso Alfonso de Orleans, north-south:
  • AREA major festivals, No. 13, public booth.
  • Municipal District, NERVIÓN-SAN PABLO-STA. RIGHTEOUS, No. 22, public booth.
  • LA GRANDE AND ITS PEOPLE, No. 28, Posts and Telegraphs.
  • College of Engineering, COPITI SEVILLA, No.34, professional.
  • SHIPYARD, No. 50, personal, booth this company from the port of Seville.April Fair Feria Seville
  • ER TO THE WORLD, No. 77, public commercial booth.
  • change of pace, Nº82, commercial house, old Esmeralda.

We turn to the street Pascual Marquez, to take left lacalle Torres Bombita, north-south, with the casetas:

  • Syrsa RENAULT, No. 1, booth company.
  • Cogollu, no.19, Circulo de Asturias friends Sevilla Alegre.
  • POPULAR CLUB, No. 34, bank booth award.
  • MUÑOZ NOGUERA, No. 49, particular.
  • PRADILLO, No. 63, particular.
  • CADENA COPE, No. 20. Radio.

At the end take the street Gitanillo de Triana, to return to turn right towards lacalle Jimenez Chicuelo, north-south:

April Fair Feria Seville

  • Chicuelo, No. 14, familiar, very special decoration awarded for her.
  • SEVILLISTA Peña Puerta Carmona, No. 21, Football Association.
  • Tardona, particularly No. 50.

Turn left onto Pascual Marquez to return to turn to Pepe Luis Vazquez Lacalle, orientation north – south to see the casetas.

  • CADENA SER, nº80, radio.
  • INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS, No. 66, professional association.
  • The Charge, No. 60, Military Cavalry association of the same name.
  • Real Club de Tenis Betis # 50.
  • C.E.D.Y, 27, employees of the company Ybarra. </ Li> At the end Esparteros street turn left into Calle Pepe Hillo, orientation north – south, closer to home.
  • Shacks already commented of the Circulo Mercantil and Labradors.
  • Association of Surveyors, nº1, professional association.
  • PERPETUAL HELP, No. 26, employees of the Treasury.
  • ANPE, No. 45, independent union.
  • FIREPLACE, No. 63, particular.
  • HELM, No. 92. particular.April Fair Feria Seville

At the end cross Broad Street Antonio Bienvenida to take Curro Romero Street, to the south – east of the Fair, with booths.

  • TRANSPORTIN No. 7 of this association.
  • MOSQUITOES, No. 13, familiar with great tradition at the fair.
  • POST, No. 18, family of great tradition, in the previous fair in the Prado, always touched their post.
  • U.S.O. No. 25, union, public booth.
  • Cantabria House, nº44, regional.

Connect with Ignacio Sanchez Mejias Street, north-south orientation, where the casetas.

  • SAN FERNANDO CF Association, Issue 66, public booth.
  • Borough SUR-Bellavista-La Palmera, No. 61, public booth.
  • PINSAPO, No.34, cultural center workers and the Park Service. Gardens.
  • T.U.S.S.A.M., No. 33 city bus company.
  • FASA-RENAULT, No. 9, booth company.

We finish at Manolo Vazquez, along with the cover, with the house.

  • PICONERA No. 3, booth company.
  • breaks loose, No. 31, of the NGO Action Network, public booth.
  • Shacks of Roma, which are typical donuts, free entry.

Enjoy the Seville April Fair !!