Go tapas in Seville it is an activity that deserves to be declared Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, and would have to fight for it. The tapas in Seville are the best way to enjoy the fabulous andalusian gastronomy in some environments flamenco and joy that lift the mood of even the most sad.

Good finite or a reeds are the best accompaniment to the many dishes that you find in the great bars and restaurants of the city. The tapas in Seville are wonderful (it is true, the phrase is “easiest”, but had to say it.)

In this post we’re going to get the most typical that you can delight, as well as the local where you are best tapas in Seville.

Marinade (Adobo, or Adobito)

Among the establishments more typical of the city are the freidurías and of course is also where you put typical tapas from Seville. The marinade, in spanish “adobo”, is one of them, and two of the sites that are vying for the highest place on the podium in the preparation of this delicacy are the Bar Blanco Cerrillo with its fresh anchovies in marinade, in the street José Velilla (next to calle Tetuán), and the Freiduría El Arenal with its cazón in marinade, in the calle dos de mayo.

Montadito de pringá

Although the pringá you can eat in different ways, the more stylish it is to do so in the form of a dash. The pringá is made with the meat of the stew, being its main ingredients chorizo, veal, bacon and chicken, among others. In the Bodeguita Romero located in calle Harinas, you’ll find the coolest montaditos de pringá of the entire city.

Spinach with chickpeas

Well-seasoned with garlic, olive oil and paprika, marida to perfection with a good glass of wine white of the earth. In The Rinconcillo located on the calle Gerona, which is also the oldest tavern of the city, this dish reaches the category of art. An essential place to go tapas in Seville.

9 typical tapas from Seville that you have to try


National monument and symbol of the gastronomy of seville, andalusian and Spanish, is the star dish of the city of seville, especially in summer, when the birds are falling from the trees because of the heat and all the food is fresh, well-received.

Cairo in the avenida Reyes Católicos, is a safe bet for a quick gazpacho olé.


You can not go tapas in Seville without tasting its legendary greaves, made with a mix crushed fat parts of the pork, and sauté with paprika. The temple of seville greaves is Morales Home in the Street García de Vinuesa, where you can also taste some delicious chickpeas with often.


The tapas of croquettes are gifts of the gods, or at least it appears that way. Whether cod, of bull’s tail or stew always are the caps that before fly when served at a bar, table or terrace. Our recommendation for taste croquettes division of honor is Casa Ricardo in the calle Hernán Cortés.


Seasonal product (spring – summer, specifically), is a must at the time of going tapas in Seville. Perfect for accessorising with a Cruzcampo frost, one of the most famous face in the city are those of Casa Diego located in: calle Esperanza de Triana. Another essential place to eat some good snails is Home to Diego (The Escalerita) at calle Doctor Fedriani.

Russian salad

A classic among the classics that, when it is ready as god commands, is a true pleasure for the palate. The flagship seville in salads Russian refers to is the Restaurant Becerrita in the street of the same name.

Meat with tomato

Dish timeless that never goes out of fashion and whose mere smell makes you salivate the parishioners even before being served. Excellent the serves The Cool in the heart of old town, particularly on calle Mateos Gago.

And here this little tour by the best tapas in Seville and the local in which you can enjoy with the best preparations and the most friendly customer service. By just doing a route tapas in Seville already a worthwhile weekend getaway (or the duration).