Torre del Oro it is a watchtower it is situated on the left bank of the Guadalquivir river in the city of Seville.

It was Abù l-Ulà, muslim governor almohade of the city, who built the Torre del Oro in the first third of the THIRTEENTH century. It was part of the walled enclosure that served as a defense to the city and the Real Alcázar.

In the year 1931 he received the declaration of historic-artistic monument. The Tower of the Gold it has been restored on numerous occasions during the Contemporary Age, being their rehabilitation, most recently in the year 2005. Today is the headquarters of the Naval Museum of Seville.

In its long history, the Tower of the Gold he has spent countless vicissitudes; below we tell you some of the curiosities most interesting of this great emblem of the city of seville.

The height of the Tower of the Gold

The Tower of the Gold it is possibly, next to the Giralda the greater symbol of Seville. However, the height of the Tower of the Gold of 36 meters, represents approximately one-third of the of the Giralda that stands up 94 meters from the ground up. Be that as it may, are two jewels in seville that you can’t not know.

For what served as the Tower of Gold

Seville like all Andalusia they were under arab domination until that is accomplished christian reconquest in the year 1492, with the entry of the Catholic kings in Granada.

Seville it is an important city, and already was in times of the muslims. It was with the object of defend the city from the christian advance so they built this watch tower.

Why is it called the Golden Tower

There are not a few who believe that the name of Tower of the Gold proceeds of the gold metal from the Spanish territories in America but what is certain is that this was kept in the Treasure room that was in the House of Hiring of Seville.

It is believed that the name of the Tower of the Gold proceeds from the golden glow the tower reflects on the Guadalquivir river especially at the time of the sunrise and the sunset, creating a dreamy mood that is a must see at least once in life.

A survivor of wars, earthquakes and revolutions

The Tower of the Gold it has survived numerous wars and the passage of time, but if once he was close to finishing its days, it was during the awful earthquake that shook Lisbon in the year 1755. Such was the force of that historic earthquake in the entire city of Sevilla felt the tremor, reaching some buildings to collapse.

For its part, during the Revolution of 1868 it was thought at demolish the tower, in the same manner as he had done with the paintings of the wallsbut the people of seville defended their heritage, preventing such nonsense.

It is thought that the Tower of Gold was linked to a second tower

It is believed that the Tower of the Gold it might be in times past linked to a second tower that stood on the other side of the river, and that he would receive the name of Tower of the Fortress. It may only be a legend. Or not.

Here is our little review of the stories of the Tower of the Goldand that it is full of wonderful memories, legends not very true, and a history as rich as that of the luminous city of Seville.